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    Shareit.com Dynamic Price is meant to generate price checksums using MD5 algorithm that is necessary to orders with dynamic prices to the ShareIT.com gateway.
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    PHPQuote for Quote.com can be used to retrieve stock quote information from from Quote.com site. It can retrieve the information page at quote.com of a given stock symbol and parse the page to extract several fields of information.Currently PHPQuote for Quote.com can extract the stock last price value, open value, last close value, and negotiation volume. The retrieved values are ...
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    Price Calculator can be used to perform several types of calculations with prices. It can calculate price variations with or without taxes considering different quantities and discount rates.
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    Price Comparison Shopping by DataFeedFile accesses the DataFeedFile Web services API server to retrieve all the information that is necessary to display products by category or perform product searches.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    FauCart is a package that can manage the items of a shopping cart of an e-commerce site.There is one call for managing the whole shopping cart and another for managing individual shopping items. The items are added to the a cart by creating item objects and calling a function of the cart class to add items.The cart class also has ...
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    This stock exchange module works with the Ciamos CMS. Please visit our website to download the latest release of Ciamos. You can view the current stock price of any stock, with results coming directly from Yahoo! Stocks. Very nice interface!
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