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    Connector can prepare and execute MySQL prepared queries using the MySQLi extension. Query values and types are passed as arrays and bi-dimensional arrays are used to return the results. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    MySQL Done Right is extended with several features. Key Features of MySQL Done Right:- Prepare and cache queries- Execute a prepared query using a list of parameters- Retrieve the query results into objects or associative arrays Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Reduced MySQLi is composed by two classes:- one class is handling the MySQL database access and makes sure that only one connection is active during the script execution.- Another class implements other database access functions like executing queries with prepared queries, measuring the time the queries take to execute, retrieving query results into arrays, the number of result rows, last ...
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    SQL Store can store SQL queries in a database so it can execute them later given just the query identifier. SQL Store can execute queries and retrieve results in several different types of SQL database. Currently it supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, Mini-SQL and PostgreSQL. Some MySQL-specific queries can also be converted to run under PostgreSQL. Requirements: PHP 5 or ...
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    Sqlitei can provide an interface to access SQLite databases that is similar to mysqli interface. Sqlitei emulate the following mysqli features:- prepare to setup prepared or direct queries- bind_param to automatically parse given ? placeholders- bind_result to chose the name of the variables that will be initialized with values returned by queries- execute to execute prepared or direct queries )- ...
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    Connection PDO Class is a simple wrapper class that can be used to access SQL databases using the PDO API.It can establish connections, execute direct or prepared SQL queries, retrieve the all query results into a single array, begin, commit and rollback transactions.
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    pdbc implements a database abstraction interface to access databases very similar to Java JDBC. It provides separate classes for managing drivers, classes for managing connections, classes for executing queries with normal SQL statements or prepared statements, classes for retrieving the query results and also utility classes for managing string buffers and array vectors.Currently pdbc comes only with MySQL driver classes, ...
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