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    The common connection and database access functionality is provided by a base class with postgreSQL.Key Features of postgreSQL:- Establish connections- Execute SQL queries- Traverse and retrieve query results- Manage transactions- Access sequences- Execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements using values passed programmatically.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    There is one class that can execute SQL SELECT queries in either MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. Then tGrid can generate an HTML table with the query results. The secondary class can generate links to browse paginated query results. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    pl2method uses PHP 5 __call function to map class function calls to execute stored procedures with the same name on a given PostgreSQL database schema.pl2method passes function parameter values to the stored procedure as its parameters. If the values do not match the procedure expected types, the class throws an exception.A PDO statement object that can be used to retrieve ...
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    Informix, MiniSQL, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and all other databases accessible via ODBC are currently supported.database.class.php also provides functions to return the total number of columns and the column names of a query result set.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHPMafia SQL is a SQL database abstraction. It provides a common API to retrieve access SQL databases. Currently it supports MySQL and PostgreSQL.PHPMafia SQL also comes with a class that can generate XML documents from database query results.
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    DbSimple is an abstraction package to access several types of SQL databases.Features of DbSimple:- Drivers to access MySQL, PostgreSQL and InterBase or FireBird- Can execute SQL query templates supporting conditional blocks- Caching of query results- Place holder query arguments- Execute operations to select and count total number of resulting rows- Retrieve query results in different modes: all result rows, one ...
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    classpgDB implements a wrapper to access a PostgreSQL databases.Functions of classpgDB:- Establish database connections- Execute SQL queries- Fetch the name, size and type of query result columns- Fetch whole result sets into arrays- Display information about errors, query results and for debugging- Get the number result set rows or affected rows by a query- Get the last inserted identifier of ...
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    Operaciones Database can be used to compose and execute SQL queries to a PostgreSQL database.It provides several functions that can build SQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries from a list or arguments that define the fields and values used in the queries.
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    Pseudo PostgreSQL ADODB is a PHP class designed as a drop-in replacement for ADOdb for PHP applications that do not need the full power of ADOdb, want to remain light and fast but want to remain compatible with ADOdb.The API of PostgreSQL ADODB Emulation was designed to be compatible with ADOdb. I was able to remove ADOdb from my application ...
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    DB Access class allows you to execute various queries for Access Interbase, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. You can execute SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE in your tables.
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    SQL2TXT select data of PostgreSQL DataBase by SQL instructions and write results into TXT file (SDF). Alignment and lenghts of columns are configurable.
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    pg_dbsearch class allows you to search a pattern in a database. It supports PostgreSQL databases.
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    PostgreSQL Database Driver comes with a class that manages connections to a PostgreSQL database server. It comes also with a class to perform SQL queries and retrieve the results.The connection class can executes queries and manage transactions. It can also create, read, write and delete large objects (LOBs).
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    phpPostgreSQLdB provides an abstraction layer above the PHP PostgreSQL API.This centralizes all the database connection info such as host, port, etc. Same class an be used to connect to multiple databases on different servers and on different ports. In addition to "normal" stuff that you'd expect from a db abstraction layer, it also supports transactions among other things. Comprehensive error ...
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    DDcomboBox is a simple PHP component that populates a listbox with data from a recordset created from a PostgresSQL database query.
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