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    A request can be made to the PostalMethods Web services API in order to send a PDF document as a printed letter to a postal address and retrieve its delivery status with PHP Class for Postal Methods.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    If you've ever needed the ability to lookup geographical information for a particular zip or postal code in PHP, look no further!Zip/Postal Code Lookup Class is your all-in-one geo data lookup class. Zip/Postal Code Lookup Classwill query a database and get the city, province (or state), country, area code, time zone, and coordinates. It can also calculate distances between two ...
  3. Royal Mail Postal Barcode
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    This script is used to generate barcode images for use with Royal Postal Mail. It takes a postal code and a DPS code and generates an image with the corresponding location barcode. It stores the generated GD iamge resource handle in a class variable so it can be used to render and serve the image in any formatted supported by ...
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