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    Query String Manipulator allows you to change and add variables in query strings, add arrays to them, and then output it in a few different ways.
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    sockclass allows send POST headers to any sites, icq, boards, and others.
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    PHP RPC Lite classes implements a lightweight remote procedure call server and client for calling functions in a distinct server also running a PHP script. It can be used for invoking distributed services running on different Web servers running PHP.The PHP RPC client takes function call arguments and marshalls to a PHP RPC server using HTTP POST method. The server ...
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    dBrowser consists of several classes that emulate a browser and can be used to extract contents from remote sites.The main class is an HTTP client with support for accessing Web pages via HTTP POST and GET method, handling cookies and HTTP 1.1 chunked responses.There are several other classes that use the HTTP client class to access a few public brazilian ...
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    NukeLayout Class is PHP class that allows the development of web pages that look and feel like POST/PHPNuke, without the need for a database. It uses an OO approach to developing pages, providing a consistant look through out the site, making content management ease.
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