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    GafDb can connect to a database and execute SQL queries.In debug mode GafDb can display messages of progress of each operation it executes. The progress and error messages are in Portuguese by default, but can changed to a different idiom.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    num2words can be used to spell numbers in the Portuguese idiom.It was adapted from the class baa2words originally written from Barry Andrew to spell numbers in Portuguese rather than in English.
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    Data por extenso is meant to parse a date of a given day and spell it using words in Brazilian Portuguese.
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    Numero por extenso is meant to spell quantity numbers using brazilian portuguese words. The idea of the class is inspired in a similar class by another developer english that spells numbers using english words.Numero por extenso can optionally capitalize the initials and the portuguese words that represent the given number.Limitations:The comments and the documentation are in portuguese.
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    calend.class.php generates HTML calendars in the portuguese language.
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