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    Subwoofer Vent Minimum Port Diameter is an online calculator helps to calculate the subwoofer vent minimum port diameter or size based on maximum air volume, tuning frequency, number of ports.
  2. PHP Depend
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    PHP Depend is a port to PHP of the JDepend Java development tool. It performs static code analysis on a given source base, calculating project metrics. Features of PHP Depend:- Average Hierarchy Height- Average Number of Derived Classes- Afferent Coupling- Number of Method or Function Calls- Coupling Between Objects- Cyclomatic Complexity Number- Extended Cyclomatic Complexity Number- Efferent Coupling- Class Interface ...
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    DbUnit is a DbUnit port for PHP/PHPUnit. DbUnit is a JUnit extension targeted for database-driven projects that, among other things, puts a database into a known state between test runs. DbUnit is also usable with Apache Ant. What's New in This Version:- Updated for PHPUnit 3.7.
  4. mobiledetect
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    mobiledetect is a PHP library for detecting mobile devices. The library simply returns true or false for an array of mobile devices. Under the hood, mobiledetect inspects HTTP headers presented to a PHP server. Mobile detect has been ported from the mobile device detection algorithm used with the dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack.
  5. phport-scanner
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    This is a PHP script for scanning service ports in UNIX systems. It can be executed from the console. The ports to scan are passed via an array at the bottom of the script's source code.Modify it to add more ports or narrow down the scan to the desired prots
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    It listens for TCP connections on a specified IP address and port. When a client browser connects to the specified port, the class handles the connection request, forks a new process to retrieve request data, parse the request, and generates the response. Currently it can handle requests for static files or requests to be handled by PHP scripts. The class ...
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    IRC Sock implements a robot that automatically logs in a IRC network and sends a batch of commands.IRC Sock can connect to an IRC server of a given address and port and authenticate itself as an user given by the parameters nick, and userid.IRC Sock can handle normal IRC protocol messages and can respond to private messages with commands read ...
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    Simple Scan is a simple TCP port scanner class that can scan given port and store results in object variables.
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    Check Active Comm-Ports Class uses the mode command to retrieve the list of active communication ports. An array is used to return the list of active ports and their names. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    ddate is a port from the original C code, performed on Prickle-Prickle, the 26th day of Discord in the YOLD 3168.
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    Port details are retrieved via SNMP commands. CDP is used to determine if those ports are connected to another device and what is the name and port on the remote device.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Several type of controls that change the display messages are sent through a serial port connection.Key Features of Citizen C2202-PD Control Class:- Change the display mode- Change messages in the display lines- Scroll the display lines- Move the cursor- Clear the display- Set the display brightnessRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    DNServer listens to DNS UDP port 53 in order to handle domain name resolution requests.DNServer decodes the DNS request, invokes a configurable callback function that takes the DNS query type and the domain to resolve and returns response IP address.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    SStatus attempts resolve a given server host name and connects to several TCP ports of a given remote server. Currently it checks the ports: 21, 22, 23, 25, 79, 80, 110, 118, 443 and 3306.The success of the host name resolution and each port that is checker are displayed.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP Serial takes the path (like "/dev/ttyS0" for linux or "COM1" for windows) of serial device and checks whether it is valid before opening a connection to it.Once the connection is opened, it can send data to the serial port, and read answers (reading is only implemented for linux). The connection parameters for the given serial device can also be ...
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