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    Several types of operations to manipulate a deck of cards, can be performed in MageSource's CardDeck.Currently MageSource's CardDeck can shuffle the deck, get a card with a give position in the deck, get the card name, color, suit, value and graphic, etc..Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The cards can be shuffled and dealt, while the hands can be evaluated. Csx Texas Holdem Poker can also present the cards in an hand by using separate image files.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Poker Texas Hold'em Evaluation provides classes to create and manage cards and decks of cards. An array of cards can be evaluated by another class by assigning a score if they match a certain Texas Hold'em sequence.Poker Texas Hold'em Evaluation may also return the English name of the matched sequence like for instance "Flush of Diamonds - Queens high" or ...
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    PHP Poker Engine can be used to implement a Poker game engine. It has a class that can deal and shuffle a deck of cards. There is another class that can evaluate a deck of cards to check if it matches a Poker sequence.In case the deck matches a Poker sequence it returns the name of the sequence and the ...
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