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    phpButton generates an image with a text written on it. The image is rendered with an inner and an outer border around it. The colors of the text, background and borders, and the text font and size are configurable.The generated button image can get saved to a file in PNG format.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Parameters such as the text message, font, size, rotation, padding, color, background and transparency, can be defined through the URL.
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    The PHP GD library functions are used to create an image with a specified size.phpGDImage can render several types of basic graphics on the image like points, lines, rectangles, filled areas and text. The graphics may be rendered with configurable colors, thickness and font parameters.The generated image may be saved to a given server file in the PNG format or ...
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    The colors, size and legends of the chart that get displayed, can be customized. Pie Graph uses the PHP GD2 extension for generating an image of the chart in the PNG format.Requirements: - PHP 3.0 or higher - PHP GD2 extension
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    Several presentation details such as the chart colors can be configured before generating the image in PNG format.
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    rsMandelbrot can be used to generate Mandelbrot fractal images. It uses coordinate parameters read from a file or from an array.The fractal image size and colors are configurable. The resulting images are stored PNG files in a given server directory.
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    A tool to draw PNG (ICO) from a browser A test version of PNG for creating online pixel. Future versions will be possible to preserve and exports PNG in ICO.
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    Convertor text > to *.png is a simple way for making from txt images you can use your variable is the link and you get an IMAGE as ouput, so you can easy make from an eamail-adress an image, ... I've included an simpel easy "make an image script" so you can see what it do.
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    Outputs PNG image of only one pixel of a determined color.pxl classes was made for Livejournal and blog purposes: backgrounding with graphics is better than textual one, when writing to blogs.
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    php Ico can extract graphics from .ico files and build a PNG images from them. It can parse the .ico file header and retrieve the information about how many icons there are in the file, their size, color depth and palette.php Ico can extract each icon image into a new image that can be saved in the PNG format. The ...
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