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  1. bChart
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    bChart is a simple PHP charting solution which generatesgraphs as PNG files. Future releases will support SVG images via HTML5. Features of bChart:- Customize colors- Customize dimensions- Axis labels- Data labels- Chart titles- Legends- Manage font details Chart types:- Bar- Stacked
  2. rgba.php
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    This is a PHP image gallery script that can be used to automatically generating an image with a solid color fill. The generated image is in PNG format. Its size and destination folder can be set in the rgba.php file.rgba.php can generate colors in the RGBA domain, where A is the clor's alpha(transparency). Instructions and a working sample is included ...
  3. Zebra_Image
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    This PHP image handling script acts as an advanced, lightweight, object-oriented image manipulation library. several types of image manipulation operations are provided requires no any external libraries but just the GD2 extension.Zebra_Image script is designed to rescale, flip, rotate and crop images. It supports supports loading and saving images in the JPEG, GIF and PNG formats, while preserving transparency for ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Auto-Crop can be used to crop images by removing edges of the same color. This PHP script loads a GIf, JPEG or PNG image and then scans it to delete edges color. it crops the image to remove the edge areas that have the same color around it.The cropped image is outputted in the same formoat as the original image ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Image Manipulation Class is a PHP script aims to manipulate and convert images from files. It can open images from files in GIF, JPEG, PNG formats, and can perform several types of image manipulation operations like: resizing, cropping, convert to grey scale or sepia.All processed images can then be saved back to files in the JPEG, GIF and/or PNG formats.Requirements:- ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script takes the coordinates of a set of points and draws lines that minimize the distance to the points using the least square fit PHP algorithm. The generateded graph will be saved to PNG image file. Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  7. No Screenshot
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    Animated PNG Creator can add to the animation any number of images previously loaded or created by the PHP GD extension functions. The delay between animation images and the alignment of each image can be configured.The script Animated PNG Creator can generate an animation file in PNG format that is compatible with the regular PNG image format.Browsers and programs that ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    svg2png uses the Inkscape program in order to convert the SVG to PNG format. Requirements: PHP 4.2 or higher
  9. No Screenshot
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    ICO files can be parsed and the individual icon images can be extracted as PHP GD image resources. floIcon can also merge ICO files and add new images to an ICO file. It supports ALL icon image sizes and standard bit depths including transparency. Vista ICO files in PNGformat are also supported. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
  10. No Screenshot
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    Date PNG opens a given template image in PNG format and renders a text with given time in one or more formats. Parameters such as font, size, position, angle and color of the text can be configured. The resulting image is generated in the PNG format as the current script output. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  11. No Screenshot
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    HolyImage can open image files of either GIF, JPEG or PNG formats and create new version of the images with a different size. It can resize the image keeping the proportion relative to a given width or height. The resized version ca be saved to a file in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats, or used as the active script output. ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    PHP gauge can create an image with a gauge and a pointer rendered at a given angle. The span of rotation angle, the minimum and maximum values, and the maximum values for green and yellow areas are configurable parameters. The gauge image that is generated according to a predefined size is served as the active script output in GIF, PNG, ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    Transparent Image can create an image of a given size and overlay a set of transparent images on the created image. The generated image can be saved to a local file or served as the active script output, in PNG format. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
  14. No Screenshot
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    GD Image Manipulation can open image files in GIF, JPEG or PNG format and perform several types of operations. Currently GD Image Manipulation can generate HTML tags to display the image, resize the image to fit a given width or height, rotate or flip the image horizontally or vertically, apply color effects like sepia, colorize, negate, grayscale, brightness adjust, contrast ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    Simple Image Resizer to resize an image from bigger to smaller size, supporting many image format such as PNG, JPG, and GIF. Simple Image Resizer is useful when we want to upload an original image and make it thumbnail view on your site which has best result thumbnail image, without reducing the quality from original image. Easy to use for ...
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