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    This script can compare two images and check if they are identical to each other. It will parse two given PNG images of the same size to determine which pixels are different. The script can circle or fill the areas that are different with a given color. The resulting image is displayed as the current output in the PNG format.Requirements:PHP ...
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    Get Image Color can open an image file in JPEG format and traverse its pixels to find which are the most used colors. It can skip a given number of analyzed pixels according to the granularity parameter.An array of the top most used colors up to a specified limit of number or color, is returned. The colors are returned in ...
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    Image2Char can open image files in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats, traverse the grid of pixels of the image, and generate HTML with text coloring tags that make appear the images as an ASCII art grid of characters.The characters used to render the ASCII art grid get randomly picked from a specified text string.Requirements: PHP 4.2 or higher
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    The images are loaded from a file or data string or object.Key Features of Imaging:- method hexColorValid #rgb #x #xx jms --> #rrggbb- method map_PHPOCTHEX($input,'phparr|phphex|webhex|webrgb') to convert and use several color description formats php array, html rgb(r,g%,b)- Rescale images to a given width and height- Save manipulated images to a given path and image format- Generate an HTML table mapping ...
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    Pixels with any possible color or incolor ones can be created. GifPix can prove very usefull to create statistics - plot bars.
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    imagebmp takes a GD image resource handle, reads its pixels, and generates a 24 bit BMP image. The resulting image can be served as the current script output or to a local file.
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    The thumbnails can be set to either have constrained proportions with a background fill to the max pixel width and height, or simple be constrained inside the max pixel width and height.Requirements: PHP GD extension 2.0 or higher
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    BMP Thumbnail has a class that can read a BMP image file, decodes the image pixels, and a new image file in the GD library format from the BMP image pixel values.The GD image file is stored in temporary file or in a string using a memory stream handler class to improve the decoding process speed. The GD image file ...
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    Crop Canvas is a class allows you to crop an image in a variety of ways. You can crop in an absolute or relative way (to a certain size or by a certain size), both as a pixel number or a percentage. You can also save or display the cropped image.The cropping can be done in 9 different positions: top ...
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