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  1. Puzzing Social
    429 total visits
    Puzzing social 4.0 is the new version of puzzle-show script. Puzzing social is not just a Pinterest clone, it also has many features that Pinterest doesn't have, like timeline home page. Puzzing social is almost the first script that can provide timeline feature. Features of Puzzing social:- Designed for medium or large traffic website, to establish a sharing community website.- ...
  2. Pinterest Clone Script
    1120 total visits
    Pintastic Clone script is the Ultimate Exact Pinterest Clone script on the marketPinterest is one of the most popular social networks these days.The platform allows its subscribers from around the world to categorize links and files they consider interesting, and then share them with friends and followers far and wide across the globe - a feature that turns the website ...
  3. Pinterest Block
    130 total visits
    Pinterest Block is a WordPress plugin for preventing images from being shared on Pinterest. This is done by adding the official meta tag for blocking Pinterest sharing. Using an admin settings page, the webmaster can mass block Pinterest sharing on the blog home page, front page, posts, pages and archive pages. Also, a special widget in the page/post editing mode ...
  4. No Screenshot
    96 total visits
    wpNoPin is a WordPress plugin to block users from sharing the site's images on Pinterest. It basically adds a special meta tag in the header that tells Pinterest to prevent their users from sharing the site's content on their network. An administration page is also provided for switching the plugin on or off. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's New ...
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