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    Internet Notifier is a simple PHP script to check if an user's Internet connection is up or down. Under the hood, the script simply pings Google and reports on the results.
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    Weblog_Pinger is a PHP script library that can send update notification pings over XML-RPC services such as Weblogs.Com, Blo.gs, Ping-o-Matic and Technorati. On a server equipped with MySQL, Weblog-Pinger can ensure it not to overload by a ping notification service. This class should be stored in a directory accessible to the PHP scripts that will use it.Requirements:- XML-RPC Library for ...
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    Net ping is a PHP script to send ping ICMP packets. It sends the ping ICMP packets and retrieves the response time if it arrived before a given timeout value. This script can create a socket to send packets to a given romote computer from a given local IP address or the default local network interface.Requirements:- PHP 3 or higher
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    Stachl Ping can be used to send ping requests to hosts with the ping command. It can execute the ping command to make it send a given number of ICMP requests to a given host computer. The script parses the output of the ping command to retrieve the minimum, maximum and average round trip times. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    TCP Ping can check the connectivity of several types of TCP servers by sending by sending NOOP (NO OPeration) commands.It supports to several types of common TCP protocols like http, ftp, smtp, pop3. It can be extended to support other protocols.
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    Vz Ping is a simple but useful script to find out which machines are connected to the LAN opening a simple web page.
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