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    JPEG Fit takes a picture in any format supported by the GD library and generates a JPEG picture with the maximum quality factor that makes the picture file size not exceed a given limit.The binary search algorithm is used to reach the ideal quality factor in the smallest number of iterations.JPEG Fit stops searching when a given number of limit ...
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    File names and description of pictures get retrieved from a MySQL database table. Image Gallery generates an HTML table to show thumbnails of the gallery pictures, as well links to navigate between multiple gallery pages.The directory of the picture files, the number of gallery rows and pictures per row to show in each page are configurable details.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or ...
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    Merge Pictures creates a new image pasting two given images in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats. The new image has the width of the first image. The second image will be rescaled to appear with the same width as the first. The new image height is the sum of the first image height with the height of second image after ...
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    The Picturebox allows a user to quickly administer pictures starting at a directory (e.g. "http://yourdomain.com/pi ctures/"), and able to work in all of the directories within it (e.g. "http://yourdomain.com/pi ctures/funnypictures/real lyfunnypictures/"). Furthermore, the Picturebox is extremely lightweight. It is perfect for the website owner who quickly wants to upload some pictures to a directory and work with them. It also ...
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    Pictoru's Thumb can be used to generate thumbnails from images in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats. It can read an image in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats and create a new true color image with the reduced size for the thumbnail.Pictoru's Thumb can also rotate the image by a given angle. The thumbnail can be generated as the ...
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    Picture of the Day can be used to show a different pictures every day.Picture of the Day can show one or more pictures per page. Each picture file picked randomly from one or more directories.The listed images can be cached.
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    Hippo Picture Base64 Encode can encode GIF or JPEG image files in the form of PHP script file that serves the original files when it is executed. The class can handle a Web form for uploading the image files.After receiving the uploaded files, the class generates a PHP script that contains PHP statements for decoding and outputting the image files ...
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    picgrab class alows you to grab pictures from remote addresses.
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    WindowLink opens a new window at the push of a link or picture.
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    The Amazing Little Picture Poll is a simple to set-up and easy to configure picture voting script. It's big brother, LittlePoll has been around for five years and works like a charm - it's proven technology. Little Picture Poll has recently been updated, the original version has been around for two years. More than 7.000 people have downloaded and installed ...
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