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    FlexPHPic is a simple, free and open source picture admin system, which can add multi-level sub-categories and classify the pictures. All the text in this program is put in one file. Once you edit this file, you can generate a new language version or customize the text in your program. Users can search pictures by keywords, browse pictures online as ...
  2. PHP Picture Index
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    PHP Picture Index is a free, quick to install PHP image gallery script. PHPPI doesn't require any databases, all information is retrieved from the files/folders themselves. PHPPI was designed this way to eliminate logging into admin pages, uploading images, categorising, etc.Features of PHP Picture Index:- GD support for dynamically creating thumbnails.- Easy customization ( no PHP skills required, although it ...
  3. Animus Before & After
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    Animus Before & After is PHP image gallery script that lets you easily add before and after pictures of your work to your web site. It will create its own gallery, so your visitors can see the quality of your work.Features of Animus Before & After:- All configuration is done through an easy to use administration page, making this ideal ...
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    Protect picture is meant to protect the path of your site pictures in order to prevent that somebody eventually using robot scripts steals the images by accessing the pictures directly.Protect picture changes the URL of the images used in HTML or tags using a new URL through which real browsers can retrieve the picture files.Requirement:php 4.0 or later with session ...
  5. phpFlickr
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    phpFlickr is a script written in PHP to act as a wrapper for Flickr’s API. Methods process the response from Flickr's API and return a friendly array of data to make development simple and intuitive.
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    Random Picture can open a file and retrieve a list of URLs, one per line. The URL can be picked and returned from the list at random. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Remote Picture Grabber can retrieve an image file from a remote site and serve for download as the current script output. The type of the image is determined by analyzing its content and the correct Content-type header is generated. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    FXLake effect takes a picture image and generates new frames that present a reflex underneath the original picture, as if it is being reflected on water. The animation is composed by merging the generated image frames.
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    An image upload site with search, scripted in php with a mysql database to store image results for searching as well as the ip of the person who uploaded the picture.Comes with 4 files, set your information in config.php and the sql script to make the database can be found commented at the top of config.php as well.
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    PictText can generate a picture with random text string. It can be used for validation against robots. It generates a picture with a given text or a text with random characters. It output pictures in either the PNG or JPEG formats using the GD 2.0 library extension.You can specify a custom TrueType font file or let the class to pick ...
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    SmartGallery includes an .sql file with the 'CREATE TABLE' scripts of 2 tables: gallery and picture. Twelve sample pictures are included and enable people to test the gallery's funcionality.
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    Oekaki is the Japanese word for "scribble" or "doodle". Oekaki Java applets are commonly seen on the Internet message boards where the users are able to draw using a Web based drawing application hosted by the site. Their drawings are then submitted to the website for showcasing.Oekaki Applet is a package of two classes. OekakiApplet class outputs the HTML code ...
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    The generated thumbnail can be saved to a file.
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    Photo Frame can be used to generate pictures frames with custom text around the picture images.It creates a frame image of a given size. Then it draws a picture image centered in the frame image.In the frame space around the picture it display custom text phrases. These phrases use special graphic images that represent text letters drawn with custom alphabet ...
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    Send e-mail with an embeded picture class can send an HTML e-mail message with an embeded picture file.
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