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    phpPuszAdmin is a Web admin interface for PuszBaza similar to like phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin. PuszBaza does not require any additional software like MySql or PostgreSql. It is based only on PHP4. Data is stored in usual text files with the following stucture (example):id; name;how;1; doll;cool;2; carrot;stupid;where the first line of the file are the names of columns. It is very ...
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    SQL Revealer is a simple class for show all the data content stored in a MySQL database for when it is not possible to use a more powerful tool for this purpose like phpmyadmin or a similar application. SQL Revealer retrieves all tables of a given MySQL database and outputs the data from each database table using HTML tables with ...
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    Do you ever get tired of having to open phpMyAdmin or something of the sort to edit your database records? With PHPSQLQUERY you simply edit a couple fields (database server, db name, db user, and db password) and you are ready to go. The you simply type your sql query into the text area, click submit, and you have changed ...
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