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    Single signature per page is an easy to install phpBB3 mod. This free mod limits each poster to one signature per page. This reduces the number of outbound links per page and helps reduce the mass posting by spammers simply trying to get a large number of links in a popular thread...
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    This mod allows you to display links with user chosen anchor text (link text) for all board moderators on the front page of your forum. This is an excellant incentive for moderators as it gives them a quality link to their website using their chose anchor text for SEO purposes.
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    Kiss Portal Engine is a portal engine for phpBB3 based on Stargate/Kiss Portal (the original phpBB3 portal) but without frills. A complete range of mods will be available in due course. This is a fully integrated portal not just a front page.Features of Kiss Portal Engine:- A fully Integrated portal (not just an extra page)...- Blocks can be displayed on ...
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