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    AutoMOD is a tool designed to parse and automatically install MODX MODifications (mods, modules) for phpBB3. AutoMOD can also handle uninstalls, being very useful for fast module administrations for developers and end-users alike. If AutoMOD is not installed, webmasters have to manually copy the MODs inside a phpBB installation themselves. Requirements:- phpBB 3.x or Higher What's New in This Version:- ...
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    This script enables users to register or log into a phpbb forum with an existing Facebook account, adds a facebook page like button to forum index, adds a like button to each post and comments on each post.
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    PHPBB Donation MOD with Paypal IPN allows phpbb3 forum to accept donations from its community members.
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    It can perform several operations to integrate the users of a site with records in a MySQL database with the user table of a PHPBB 3 installation. It can import users into the phpBB3 user table, as well as insert, update or delete a user record. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The package Forums Integrator can be used to integrate PHP applications with the user registration and authentication systems of the punBB and PHPBB forum applications. Functions of Forums Integrator:- Create an user account with a given user name, password and e-mail address - Authenticate an user - Verify whether an user is already authenticated and whether he is an administrator ...
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    phpBB3 poster accesses a MySQL database server on which a phpBB3 forum is hosted directly.A forum message is constructed from a list of parameters and the database records necessary to add the new post are inserted.The parameters allow configuring post details such as the user posting the message, subject, the post text, icon, forum, post mode, topic, enable BBCode, smileys, ...
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    A simple php class designed to help synch user bases with the PHPBB3 forum system with examples.
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    Features of Dropdown Menu for phpBB2:- An easy to use extension of the udm4.com ultimate dropdown menu for use on all phpBB2 installations.- Easy to install and configure. - Step by step instructions. - Dynamically populates the drop down menu with forums and sub-forums in your phpBB2 installation. - Can be modified to include last 10 posts, or other features ...
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    MetaBB is an amazing feature packed forum solution utilizing the famous phpBB combined with the best modifications! MetaBB has top of the line speed (with an enhanced cache system) and security! Not to mention the completely free price tag! Not only is it full of features but we offer superb support options for free! Why create a comunity with a ...
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    phpBB Fetch All is a modification to phpBB that displays data from the forum on any page of a website. It supports all phpBB versions from the 2.0.x branch.
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