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    Mistpark provides a distributed social network with strong privacy controls. It includes micro-blogging, location tagging, sharing photos, videos, links and private messages. You can also link to and communicate with friends in OStatus networks such as status.net and identi.ca. More networks will be supported in the future.
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    PHP Photo browser and cross-fading slideshow script will share lots of photos with people you do not see every day!This script is very simple to use - for the user but mostly for you, the administrator. This server-side script simply goes in a web folder with images and works. It first shows a browser overview with automatically generated thumbnails, clicking ...
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    phpFlickrSynch is a PHP application that reads the metadata of your photos stored on Flickr, stores them in a local MySQL database, and gives you an API to let you play with those metadata. If you had stored so many photos in Flickr and have an idea to donwload them all, phpFlickrSynch is right for you!
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    Shampoo is a tiny script that creates a photo gallery system from a directory structure. Shampoo creates and caches thumbnails automatically and supports the addition of captions and descriptions for albums with great ease. It uses minimalist markup, valid HTML and CSS and a sprinkling of unobtrusive JavaScript. Albums can be made private with a password. Setup is very simple ...
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    PicasaWeb class can access the PicasaWeb Web services API server and retrieve information about albums of photos in order to generate HTML to display photos in the current site.Listings of albums from a given PicasaWeb account or photos from a specified album, can be displayed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Photo Frame can be used to generate pictures frames with custom text around the picture images.It creates a frame image of a given size. Then it draws a picture image centered in the frame image.In the frame space around the picture it display custom text phrases. These phrases use special graphic images that represent text letters drawn with custom alphabet ...
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    Flickr API Class can be used to retrieve information associated to an user account of the Flickr photo sharing Web service.It provides functions to retrieve information about users, groups, photo sets and photo information.Flickr API Class can cache information retrieved in prior requests either in a local database or on local files.
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    Simple photo album class can use used to generate a gallery of images from files stored in a server side directory.Simple photo album class can scan a given server side directory and display thumbnail from image files of many formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and WBMP. The full size images are opened in pop-up windows.Simple photo album class may also ...
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    Idut Gallery is a powerful yet user friendly website photo gallery system. It can be easily customised and incorporated into an existing website. Written in PHP, you can upload images to your gallery using FTP or the built-in upload system. As well as looking great, you can add descriptions to your albums and images and users can comment on your ...
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    2BGal is a PHP/MySQL script that allows you to publish photos, albums and sub-albums. Most of updates can be applied with the web single administrator interface.This script is easy to use, lightweight and packed with only useful features. Others functionnalities can be added with modules integration.The gallery design is defined with PHPLib templates (default : HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0).Features ...
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    Flash Photo Gallery features a mouse sensitive scrolling effect for thumbnails.
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    Weatimages is very easy to use program that allows you to organize powerful web-based photo albums on your website in a minimal time. To publish photo album you just need to put one file from Weatimages distributive to a separate website directory containing your photos or folders (which become sub-albums) with your photos. Features of Weatimages: - Automatic thumbnail creation ...
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    Photo Album classes can be used to display photo albums using Javascript so the user can interact with the images without page reloading. Functions of Photo Album classes:- Display a list of thumbnails of the album images stored in server side directories. The thumbnails are created automatically from the full size images.- Display full size images overlayed on top of ...
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    This php gallery script is specifically designed for viewing panorama photos. This Gallery includes a copy of PTViewer developed by Helmut Dersch and modified by Fulvio Senore. You can view an example of the gallery by visiting the website and looking for the panorama gallery. Have a look at the read me for more information. No database needed. This gallery ...
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    Flickr API Parser can be used to query Flickr to obtain information about photos available in the site.Functions of Flickr API Parser:- Create authentication tokens to access the information available on the site- Search for photos- Retrieve information about a given photo- Retrieve the available sizes of a given photo- Retrieve information about the next and previous photos in the ...
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