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    Role Scoper is a WordPress plugin for providing CMS-like permission settings. The isrestrictedrs() and isteaserrs() functions can be in themes. Features of Role Scoper:- Control Read and/or Edit access- Optionally, assign roles to User Groups- Basic Usage is via tabs in Post/Page Edit Form, no further configuration required- Customize access for any number of Categories, Posts or Pages- Restrictions and ...
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    Power 2 Protect is meant to restrict the access of users to the Web pages of a site according to a definition of user role based permissions stored in a database. The users are authenticated in login form when they try to access a protected page.If a user attempts to access a page to which he as no permission, the ...
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    Security System traverses a given directory recursively and scan all files that contain certain text that is considered insecure or has executable permissions.An e-mail message is sent to the administrator if any risky files are located.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Simple access layer can abstract several types operation to manage access permissions like adding resources to manage, allow or deny the access by user or level, check if the user is an administrator, and check if the user has access to a resource.Retrieving access permissions from certain containers can be done by extending the class.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Abdohoo Secure Login can check if an user is already authenticated. If not, it can check the user name and password in a MySQL database table. Session variables are set if the user is authenticated successfully. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Upload File can check whether an uploaded file is of one of the allowed types and does not exceed the file size limit. The validated uploads can be moved to specified directories and file permissions can be set automatically. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    With this easy script Easy File Browser that only contains 2 PHP pages and a folder with images, you can browse trough your whole domain. You can see all the files and folders, and even open folders, you can see when files or folders are last edited, the permissions, the size in bytes, kb, mb and gb, the exact location ...
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    The Zend_ACL class included in the Zend Framework is extended to be able to read permissions and roles from a SQL-based database.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Multi Upload can check the size of the files so that they don't exceed a specified limit. Then it can copy the files to a specific directory optionally verifying whether existing files are not overwritten.The permissions of the copied files can also be set to a given permissions mask.
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    Nexus is an open source, web-based, extensible document management system that you can install on your own host.Easy-to-use, simple to administrate and incredibly powerful, Nexus can centralize and bring order to your document library. Unlike X-Drive, Box.net and all the other hosted solutions Nexus gives you the power to deploy wherever you want leveraging existing hardware and technology. The power ...
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    HHSecureObject can be used to authenticate users that can access to Web site pages.The accounts of the users are defined as permission arrays in PHP scripts. The class uses HTTP Basic authentication to request that the users authenticate themselves.When an user is authenticated successfully, the class stores the authentication status in session variables, so the authentication dialog is not opened ...
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    SmashUser is a class that allows you to manage users in an easy fashion. It organizes the users in groups, which may be granted permissions different parts of your applications.SmashUser may perform authentication and create sessions for users that successfully log in. The class also provides support for creating, updating and removing the records of users or groups.The records of ...
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    File permission classes is meant to handle file permissions. It may work with permission values as octal numbers or from arrays to edit file permissions of web pages.
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    Permissions uses integer bit masks to represent user access permissions. Each bit of an integer permission value represents one condition that determines whether the user can read, write, delete, etc. an associated resource. Permissions allows easy and acurate storage of complex sets permissions in a single integer value. The class can convert back and forth between permission bit mask values ...
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