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    Data Workings can be used to access records of an SQL database table as objects. It can access a SQL database table and retrieve its list columns so it can determine which fields need to be retrieved and stored to map record information to object variables and vice-versa.Data Workings can insert new table records from values set to the respective ...
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    This PHP script provides a simplified database access interface by extending PEAR::DB class. DB factory extension can be used to establish connections returning a boolean success value instead of PEAR error object.The script executes queries automatically connecting to a database before executing and disconnecting after the query is executed. If the query returns result values it may also retrieve the ...
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    All DB Backup can be used to take a backup of a database to a file with SQL statements that can be used to restore the database. It can generate SQL statements that can be used to restore just the database table data or also the database table schema.All DB Backup uses the PEAR::DB abstraction layer to access the database, ...
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    Lumine is an object-relational mapping tool combining the styles of two frameworks: Hibernate and PEAR::DB_DataObjects.Lumine can manage information in objects to be stored and retrieved in relational databases. It uses XML files to define how tables are mapped to database tables to know how to store and retrieve the mapped objects.Features of Lumine:- It uses DOMIT! XML Parser to process ...
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    PHPOOT is a template engine.Features of phpoot:- PHPOOT uses the "var" attribute of an html element in the template to show model data.- The template for PHPOOT is a XHTML document without special tags as control stracture.- So, the template can be written using normal html editor.- The model data for template is Array, which can contain Array, String and ...
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    Extends PEAR-Templates for new input-tags. Use extIntegratedTemplate extending the IntegratedTemplate-class from pear to let you use a new html-tag. this brings a popup-calendar to choose a date.
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    PEAR Database Wrapper is a wrapper forthe PEAR Database package to provide an alternative API for accessing databases.One of the features that this class provides is a way to connect to databases using a function that, instead of a connection string, it takes the connection parameters in a single array that is passed as parameter of the connection function.This class ...
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    ActiveDBLib is a PHP class to access MySQL or optionally other databases by using various Database Abstraction Libraries. Its primary intention is to hide the differences between the different database abstraction Libraries and to provide standard methods for the database connection, query and result operations.ActiveDBLib currently supports the ADODB, the PEAR:DB and the Metabase libraries. The only requirement to use ...
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    Translation allows to store and retrieve all the strings on multilingual site in the database. Class connects to any database using PHP PEAR extension - so it needs PEAR to be installed to work correctly.The object should be created for every page. While creation all the strings connected with specific page and the strings connected with all the pages on ...
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    DB Sessions is meant to act a session manager handler using as container a database accessed using PEAR::DB package rather than using the default container which is based on files.DB Sessions can be useful for instance to store user session data of sites served using load balanced array of Web servers. Simply include the class file, create a new instance ...
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    DBUM is a class that can help you to handle your Web site users, groups and sessions. It based on PEAR DB, so you can use many DB types like (mysql, mssql, odbc, postgre7 and soon).dbum_class.inc uses SHA1 hashing algorithm for storing passwords, so the class only works with PHP version 4.3.0 or above. It has other helpful functions that ...
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    Authentication, a simple class, used for implementation of an usual member and administration pages. It uses sessions and cookies if desired. It requires the PEAR DB library and Smarty template system.
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    This PHP API enables you to rapidly develop Google search tools for integration into your own web application. It utilised the PEAR SOAP package to simplify communcations with Google. A Google Development API Key is also required and can be obtained from www.google.com.
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    oai-pear isa PHP class library for the Open Archives Initiative Protocol Metadata Harvesting. This library provides a Server (= Repository) as well as a Client (= Harvester) interface. This package is conformant to and makes use of PEAR classes.
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    Apple's QuickTime multimedia architecture has some fantastic features that can be exploited through server-side scripting and HTML embedding, but it's something of a black art. There is confusion and inconsistency in how best to embed QuickTime in web pages, deal with QTVR, let movies talk to each other, pass XML QTLists back and forth between movies and servers, and much ...
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