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    JSON_RPC is a web service framework. It is a web service library for PHP5 and is built on PEAR::Services_JSON. It offers a simple framework for creating clients and servers that communicate over HTTP using the JSON format. It supports Basic HTTP Authentication and API discovery/inflection.
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    Version Translator can be used to convert PHP code between namespaces and PEAR names. It is an Open Source PHP code generator. It can parse PHP script files and convert class and namespace names in code PHP 5.3 code and class names with PEAR naming conventions. It can process individual scripts or whole directories of scripts. Requirements: PHP 5.3.0 or ...
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    This class parses a PEAR log file and output the contents.The log lines that are processed may be restricted by a given filter criteria or range of dates.The class may also return the log lines in an array to allow custom formatting by script that calls the class.
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    DbToXml use either a PEAR DB result object or a two dimensional array (array of associative arrays) to get database result records in XML format. The script supports call-back functions for columns to extend the XML document. And other advanced features.
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    Dynamic Elements Processor with PHP 5 is building forms and elements for websites sometimes means a lot of work, specially if you create bigger websites. Luckily there a some great tools like QuickForm from PEAR which is very powerfull, but asks to install the PEAR environment. Well this application asks only for three class files and is quiet easy to ...
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    CSRF protector can generate a random key and store it in a database record associated to the current session. It uses PEAR MDB2 database abstraction layer to support many types of databases. When the form is submitted with a token hidden input field, the class can also check if the key is valid. If it exists, the key record is ...
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    iviArray represents the data type of an array, encapsulating PHP array functionality with few additional functions in a unified API (e.g. unified sorting function). See code documentation for exact usage of this class. The examples give a short overview about some important features. The code follows mostly the PEAR Coding Standards.
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    Platform_pear checks if PEAR is available and what is its base installation directory path. If PEAR is available, Platform_pear can determine if a specific package is installed.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    iviDownloader is meant to list or download files of a given type that are linked to a page of a given URL. See class file for detailed documentation.The code mostly follows the PEAR Coding Standards. .
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    Class Database is a wrapper around PEAR DB package. It provides a simpler interface to databases. Auto -increment id are get by the PEAR sequence functions.
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    HTML_QuickForm_ComboBox is a class that implements a custom input to use with PEAR HTML_QuickForm package that acts as an editable combo box.The custom input lets the user select a value from a list of predefined text values or enter a new value in a text input field. The predefined list of values appears below the text input when the user ...
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    MySQL Database abstraction class emulates the functionality of the PEAR::DB API package, without requiring it. The ADODB package is also partially emulated.
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    The SqlCommand class is designed to provide a simple, effective, and yet powerful way to use Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures through PHP, with the aid of the PEAR database abstraction layer.SqlCommand Class provides an object-oriented method of declaring and configuring stored procedures in your PHP code, performs strong parameter "typing" of all values passed to the database, and allows ...
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    Net_Sieve enables you to talk to the timsieved server that comes with Cyrus IMAP.This means you can install, list, update and set active Sieve scripts. It requires the Net_Socket class, which in turn relies on the PEAR library. It has only been tested with Cyrus 2.0.16.
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    RS Error can be used to handle PHP or PEAR triggered errors.RS Error can either display the error messages or append the messages to a log file. The PHP error codes can be displayed in a more human readable format.
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