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    The parameters are defined programatically and specify tables, fields, value conditions etc. Currently PDO_DB can execute select queries to retrieve results into arrays, insert or update records into a table from values passed in an associative array, and delete table records that match a given condition. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PDO connection and multi pagination can generate links to browse the results of a given database query assuming a given limit number of results per page. A form to go directly to a predefined page of the search results can also be generated. PDO connection and multi pagination can also generate navigation links with letters that specify the first character ...
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    pl2method uses PHP 5 __call function to map class function calls to execute stored procedures with the same name on a given PostgreSQL database schema.pl2method passes function parameter values to the stored procedure as its parameters. If the values do not match the procedure expected types, the class throws an exception.A PDO statement object that can be used to retrieve ...
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    The PDO API is used to connect to the SQLite database and execute SQL queries. The data may be outputted formatted an an HTML table, a XML document or as a series of URL-encoded values.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    aDB PDO like database abstraction comes with a base class that provides an interface to the basic database access wrapper functionality.Drivers that provide the actual implementation of the database access functionality should implement a sub-class of the main interface class. Iterators can be used to retrieve the results.Database access errors are handled with exceptions.Key Features of aDB PDO like database ...
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    The activity can optionally be logged to a class variable.Key Features of PDO wrapper singleton:- Setup database connections- Execute prepared queries- Retrieve result sets into arrays- Retrieve the last inserted identifier valueRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Connection base de donnée avec PDO establishes a database connection to a MySQL database. It automatically sets the connection to use buffered queries. It can also execute SQL queries that are automatically encapsulated in transactions.Connection base de donnée avec PDO can execute SQL SELECT queries and return the results into a single array within the same call. It can also ...
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    PDO Connection Factory can setup a PDO object to access a database of a given type, host and database name.The username, password and whether the connection will be persistent or not, need to be specified.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or highr
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    PDO_EXT provides one class that extends the PDO database access abstraction class to simplify the execution of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries. Another class can be used to execute an SQL query and generate an XML document from the results.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higherLimitations: The code and comments are in Portuguese.
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    PDO XML Grid can executes a given SQL query using PDO and generates a XML document from the query results. An XSL stylesheet can be used to transform the generated XML document into an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Very easy database layer to connect to different database types. Easy switching between different database types! With database classes you can do queries to the following database servers:- mSQL- MS SQL Server- MySQL- ODBC- Postgres SQL- Sybase
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    Singleton PDO can be used to create a singleton instance of the PDO class.Singleton PDO provides a static function that stores a reference of the current object in a static variable. Next time the function is called, it returns a reference to the first object that was created.Additionally, Singleton PDO can also insert or update a given table row from ...
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    Connection PDO Class is a simple wrapper class that can be used to access SQL databases using the PDO API.It can establish connections, execute direct or prepared SQL queries, retrieve the all query results into a single array, begin, commit and rollback transactions.
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    PDO for PHP 4 implements the PDO database abstraction interface that is compatible with PHP 4. PDO is an extension introduced in PHP 5 that provides a common interface to several types of relational databases.Since PDO only became standard extension with PHP 5.1 and very few hosting companies provide PHP 5.1 servers, the idea of this package is to provide ...
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