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    PH Pexplorer is a kind of file browser/explorer for Servers with PHP 4/5. Works with Opera 7+, Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2 (Linux and Windows), Safari 1.3+. PH Pexlorer automatically detects the best available and suitable language for the client. At the moment this program is available in English and German at clientside. Depending on your server configuration you can ...
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    JavaScript PHP Documentor can scan JavaScript script files and extract documentation from tags inside JavaScript comments similar to JavaDoc tags. PHP template scripts can be used to generate the documentation in HTML. However, the structure of the package allows generating documentation in many others formats, such as PDF. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PSLib is a PHP library for generating PostScript files for the PHP free scripting language. It offers an easy way of generating PostScript text and graphics with (so far) limited support for drawing. Call PSlib functions from within your PHP script and voila: dynamic PS files! The functions should be quite self-explainable and somehow mimic the well known proprietary PDFlib ...
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    The developer specifies fields and their position within a block, and then the class generates a document with data that use those block definitions.Block are being kept intact and prevented from splitting across pages. In addition, GenPDF lets the user output fields in the block in any order. GenPDF can even be a different order in each block output.
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    SQL 2 PDF Report can be used to generate a PDF document from the results of MySQL database queries. It can execute one or more given queries and generate dump the results as HTML tables to a temporary page file.The PDF document is generated by calling a remote Web service that fetches the generated HTML page and convert it to ...
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    A bidimensional array of tokens of limited length, with letters and digits, is generated. The generated grid is seeded by a given secret salt string and a specific id that may be used to generate unique grids for different applications and users.Secure Token Grid Authentication may also verify whether a token entered by the user corresponds to a token of ...
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    PDF Barcode can be useful for generating labels, which require printing. It takes as input the text and the barcodes in the GNU Barcode format.The result is an identifier of an a graphic object that can be placed in a PDF document object.
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    classPdfcan create multiple pages, graphical documents and include JPEG images. An extension class makes the formatting of data tables a breeze, as well as other text entry and pagination functions.
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    ZIPlib class allows you to add single files, complete dirs or ASCII files as PDF to a ZIP archive.
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    HTML 2 PDF Report can call a remove Web service that converts the HTML page with a given URL to a PDF document. The generated PDF document will be served as the current script output.
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    Form PDF can generate an FDF document from an associative array of form values. The generated document can be saved to a file.Form PDF can also do the opposite, i.e. extract form values into an associative arrat from FDF files. An FDF file can also be converted to a PDF file by using the pdftk program.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Provided by: American Financing. eMail PDF Upload Form v2.0, is a simple and easy to install script that will let your users enter their name and email address and provide an easy to use upload method. Their PDF will be stored onto your server / directory and forward you and the client an email with the link to the PDF ...
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    Printing webpages is great, but every browser renders a page differently. This can cause problems if you need to be able to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used. Additionally, PDF files can be searched and browsed as a sort of notebook, making it a useful file format for large text ...
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    HTML to PDF can be used to convert an HTML document or Web page using the ABCPDF or EasySW Web services.It can communicate with these services to tell to convert a given URL to PDF. It may also convert a local HTML file by serving it as a remote page passing it as an argument of the current script URL.The ...
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    pdf_search is a class to search text in pdf documents. Not pretending to be useful other than that, but it can easily be extended to a full featured pdf document parser by anyone who chooses so.
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