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    E-Store Kit 1 is a fully customizable Web Store to sell tangibles with various options, such as size, color etc. E-Store Kit-1 Shopping Cart supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments.No programming skills is required.
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    Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN PHP Script for Digital Download Products is a very simple script that will allow you to start selling digital products with Paypal quickly. Setup is very easy. No database setup is required. Just update the settings.php, upload the files and link to "ipn.php?buy" and you are all set. Features of Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN ...
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    After searching for a really simple script that would just allow the user to enter the amount that they want to send to you and then use paypal to process that transaction i found very little. so i have decided to make one of my own out of another script i found by trawling the net. in short the user ...
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    Paypal Pro Payment Integration can send HTTP request to the Paypal API Web servers to execute a given API operation passing a list of name and value pairs. It can also send requests to the sandbox API web servers. The response name value pairs are returned as an associative array. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Payment button forms are generated and instant payment notification are logged by an abstract base class. There several sub-classes that implement specific details for generating payment button forms and handling payment notifications with Authorize.net, Paypal and 2checkout. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    AShop V shopping cart software automates online ordering, payment processing, &digital product delivery. The shopping cart processes orders for physical &digital products, services, &password access to member directories. Built-in payment integration for most popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, 2CheckOut. Integrated affiliate tracking &commission payment system. One-time license fee. No recurring fees.
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    Based on the osCommerce core shopping cart, Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script was built by shop owners who have tried several other shopping cart scripts before deciding to create Autoload. Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script is everything you need added to osCommerce for running an online storefront and eBay management utility. Emphasis has been placed on keeping the script universal ...
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    Paypal Class can generate HTML for forms or links to insert in Web pages of sites that need to accept payments via Paypal like: buy now buttons, subscriptions, add to Paypal shopping cart or internal shopping cart, gift certificates and donations.Paypal notifications can also be handled via IPN. Paypal Class supports testing payments using the Paypal sandbox.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    PayPal Tabs is a simple class that can generate a navigation user interface based on tabs similar to those found in the Paypal site but without requiring create rollover images.The tabs can include text and icons.
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    Paypal Button Generator can be used to generate buttons that can be placed in Web pages to make it easier for clients to pay for pre-filled orders in Paypal. It can build orders or one or more items. It may also associate values of taxes, postage and handling that need to be paid by the clients as part of the ...
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    SnPayPalApi queries the Paypal Web services API over the SOAP protocol, in order to execute several operations. It also comes with an utility script that can be used to execute these operations operations from a command line console.Key Features of SnPayPalApi:- Searching for transactions- Get the details of a transaction- Send mass payments- Refund the payment of a transaction- Get ...
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    Several operations can be executed on the Paypal Web Services servers.Key Features of Paypal NVP:- Search for transactions- Retrieve transaction details- Do direct paymentsRequirements: PHP 4.4 or higher
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    Paypal Instant Payment Notification can be used to submit and process payments with Paypal Instant Payment Notification system. It provides a base class for submitting payments and handle Paypal responses.Applications should create a sub-class of this base class to override a few functions to customize the details of the payment transactions and how the payment responses should be handled.Requirements:PHP 5.0
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    PHP Paypal IPN Integration Class provides a method to interface with Paypal and its Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system. It can handle the submission of payments of products and services purchased ordered on e-commerc Web sites.
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    Business directory script that is fully configurable and compatible with the SMARTY template engine.Unlimited category and membership levels. Accept payments through Paypal IPN. 100% localization with a built in language translation system. Radius postal code search. Supports multiple site design templates.
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