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  1. Appointment Scheduler by StivaSoft
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    PHP appointment scheduling software for hair salons, beauty studios, tennis courts, massage centers, fitness clubs and any services and websites where online booking and appointment management is required. You can add services, employees, set working time and days off, service prices, etc. The appointment scheduler will be taking appointments automatically and will be making your daily schedule while you are ...
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    PHP Hosting Biller 2.0 is software that allows you to manage webhosting clients, Adding new clients, Automation of your webhosting ordering system. It has a number of features.Script Features:- Template Based.- Supports Paypal and 2Checkout Payments.- Customizable.- Released under GNU/GPL License.- Template Based Easily Editable.- Supports Different Languages.- Available with Open Source Code.- Supports Unlimited Customers and Staff.- Easy installation ...
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    PayPal PHP SDK is a PHP library for PayPal's HTTP REST API. The PayPal PHP SDK was developed to simplify the process of accepting a credit card payment via PayPal's service. The SDK uses OAuth2 for secure authentication and fetches all responses in JSON. An example is included with the download package. This API is also available for:iOSJavaC#/.NETRuby Features of ...
  4. Olimometer
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    Olimometer is a WordPress plugin showing a PayPal donations thermometer. It perfectly integrates with PayPal, allowing visitors to keep track with the amount of money raised for a cause or fund. It's perfectly styleable and can be adapted to any page design. Olimometer is available as a sidebar widget, or embeddable via a simple shortcode system. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  5. PayPal NVP Transactions
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    This is a collection of PHP scripts wrapping the PayPal NVP API. Which allows interaction with the PayPal NVP (Name-Value Pair) API, for requesting and sending business transaction data.Features of PayPal NVP Transactions:Supported methods:- GetBalance- DoDirectPayment- PayPalCodesRequirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher- PayPal API keyLimitation:- The entire PayPal NVP command-set is not yet supported.
  6. paypal php
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    This is a PHP script for accessing the PayPal API. It can be used to power e-commerce transactions via PayPal. Supports authentication, debugging, retrieving buyer info and much more. A test demo is included with the dowolosd package.Requirements:- PayPal Sandbox account for testing- PayPal account for transactions
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    PayPalPHP is a PHP 5 implementation of the PayPal NVP API script, currently, basic features such as getting the available balance for a PayPal account has been implemented. And more functions will be fulfilled in next release version.Requirements:- PHP 5.2.14 or higher- PHP cURLLimitations:- The API is incomplete and subject to change.
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    There are two simple scripts: PayPal script and IPN script, in PayPal Buy Now and IPN Classes to help in PayPal payment and payment processing. The PayPal script allows you to dynamically create Buy now buttons with or without encryption. The IPN script does the preliminary PayPal recommended checks and allows you to do further validation. The class allows logging ...
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    PHPBB Donation MOD with Paypal IPN allows phpbb3 forum to accept donations from its community members.
  10. BreezingForms - Forms for Joomla!
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    BreezingForms - Forms for Joomla! offers three interfaces for non-programmers, designers and technicians! Create powerful and ergonomic forms in minutes. Includes useful features like file upload progress bar, summary pages, turn fields on/off, effects and more.BreezingForms - Forms for Joomla! is composed by three modes:- QuickMode: A form editor for the non-programmer and people who want their forms to be ...
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    The class Paypal Payment Data Transfers can be used to retrieve and process Paypal payment details with PDT. It can process the request arguments when an user is redirected from Paypal back to the seller site. Paypal Payment Data Transfers picks the transaction details for further validation. The transaction finalization should be customized by a sub-class provided by the seller ...
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    E-Store Kit-2 (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition is the Database driven web application for building and managing heavy-duty e-commerce web store to sell intangible products such as eBooks, PDFs, MP3s, MIDIs, Scripts, Software Applications, Flash, Graphic files, etc based on a PayPal payment system. Key Features of E-Store Kit-2 (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition: - Easy installation, - Fully customizable design/layout, Unlimited categories/subcategories/products, - ...
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    E-Store Kit-1 Pro (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition is the database driven web application for building and managing heavy-duty e-commerce web store to sell tangible products based on PayPal payment system. Key features of E-Store Kit-1 Pro (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition: - Easy installation, - Fully customizable design/layout, - Unlimited categories/subcategories/products, - 2 additional options for each product, Image upload and much more.
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    E-Store Kit-2 is the complete storefront and full-featured shopping cart solution. Features of E-Store Kit-2:- Powerfull catalog management system with extensive customization capabilites. - Supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments. - Unlimited amount of products of any type with icons and pictures. - Can be customized and integrated into any existing website through its template-based ...
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    E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is the complete easy-to-use web store to sell intangible (downloadable) products online. For example: eBooks, PDFs, MP3s, MIDIs, Scripts, Software Applications, Flash, Graphic files, etc. THe script is a PHP/MySQL database-driven catalog and shopping cart with instant secure download of purchased products. E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is built-in support of all Internet payment providers with real-time payment verification ...
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