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    FREE Simple to use Online invoice system ! It has PayPal support option.Features of PHP Online Invoice System:- Secure Admin section plus Client login section.- Add as many clients as needed.- Add as many invoices for each customer as needed. - Invoices self total the inputted data.- You can search through customers or invoices for keywords. - Keeps track of ...
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    cuaderno19 can be used to receipt files according to the Spanish laws. This class make Cuaderno 19 file needed to recive payments by client's bank account.Limitations:The code and comments are in Spanish.
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    Full Payment and Registration can be used to implement a paid subscription user registration system. It implements the system in several registration step pages: registration form, registration review page, registration validation and submission.Full Payment and Registration can validate the credit card supplied by the user to pay the subscription but it does not actually process the payment. The information of ...
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    bibEC Process Card is meant to process credit card payments via one of multiple payment gateways that are supported. Currently the class supports the following payment gateways: Plug and Pay, Authorize.net, ViaKlix, and paynet.Changing between payment gateways is mostly a matter of changing the class constructor parameter.bibEC Process Card provides a payment gateway independent API with functions for:- Logging the ...
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    PayPal Notifier is a utility that lets you check your paypal payments automatically at regular intervals. When new PayPal payments arrives, there is a notification mail sent to your mailbox from PayPal. PayPal Notifier can check your mailbox and notify you the new payments.
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    AIM classes can be used to submit credit card charges to the Authorize.net payments gateway using the AIM Web services API. This is a PHP port written from scratch of the Java class com.admc.lm.AIM .AIM classes provides functions for setting the payment details like the customer name, address, phone number, shipping address, charge amount, credit card number and expiry date.AIM ...
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    PSIGate classes can process payment transaction requests using the PSIGate payments gateway.PSIGate classes can generate a payment request in XML format, posts it to gateway server using HTTP via a secure connection and then it parses the response in XML to extract the results.PSIGate classes requires the Curl library to post a secure request to the paymemt gateway server.
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    A class to easily integrate Payflow Pro transactions through the Verisign (Signio) servers. Provides connection to both the test server as well as the live transaction server. Currently only supports credit card transactions, but there are plans to add other online currencies supported by Signio.
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    Implementing curl for raw http post method integration with ACH Direct's PaymentsGateway system.
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    GestPayCrypt-PHP is an implementation in PHP of GestPayCrypt and GestPayCryptHS Italian bank Banca Sella java classes. It allows to connect to online credit card payment gateway GestPay.
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    XPay is meant to process credit card payments by connecting to a Java XPay transaction processing client provided by the SecureTrading company.The XPay Java client must be running in the same machine as PHP or some other machine reachable via TCP connections.XPay establishes a connection with the XPay Java client and submits transaction authorization request in XPay XML request format. ...
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    Do you want to accept CC payments on your site, but do not want to deal with the hassle or cost of setting up a merchant account and gateway? Then the Paypal Website Payments Pro option is for you.You can accept Credit cards directly on your website without a redirect and setting it up is as easy as 1-2-3. All ...
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    TinyTool co-ordinates the activities of PayPal Subscriptions, PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN), the CPanel Web Host Manager (WHM), and a MySQL database to securely colect and record new customer information.
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    This loan calculator can be used to figure out regular payments of any kind of loan, based on the loan amount, loan length, interest rate and pay periodicity. phpLoanCalc is using template, therefore you can easily change its appearance for seamless integration with your website.
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    This module allows members to bid on ad placement position to appear higher in search results. Members setup their ads on the site and then buy a credit balance of funds (called a reserve).
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