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    The class Paypal Payment Data Transfers can be used to retrieve and process Paypal payment details with PDT. It can process the request arguments when an user is redirected from Paypal back to the seller site. Paypal Payment Data Transfers picks the transaction details for further validation. The transaction finalization should be customized by a sub-class provided by the seller ...
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    E-Store Kit-1 Pro (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition is the database driven web application for building and managing heavy-duty e-commerce web store to sell tangible products based on PayPal payment system. Key features of E-Store Kit-1 Pro (PHP/MySQL) PayPal Edition: - Easy installation, - Fully customizable design/layout, - Unlimited categories/subcategories/products, - 2 additional options for each product, Image upload and much more.
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    E-Store Kit-2 is the complete storefront and full-featured shopping cart solution. Features of E-Store Kit-2:- Powerfull catalog management system with extensive customization capabilites. - Supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments. - Unlimited amount of products of any type with icons and pictures. - Can be customized and integrated into any existing website through its template-based ...
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    E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is the complete easy-to-use web store to sell intangible (downloadable) products online. For example: eBooks, PDFs, MP3s, MIDIs, Scripts, Software Applications, Flash, Graphic files, etc. THe script is a PHP/MySQL database-driven catalog and shopping cart with instant secure download of purchased products. E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is built-in support of all Internet payment providers with real-time payment verification ...
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    E-Store Kit 1 is a fully customizable Web Store to sell tangibles with various options, such as size, color etc. E-Store Kit-1 Shopping Cart supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments.No programming skills is required.
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    EPS_Cybersource can send HTTP requests to Cybersource SOAP Web services API server to perform several types of operations to process credit card payments. The script can request payment authorization, return the payment request result and request reversal of a previous request. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Why use huge, bulky, hard to use accounting systems or paid online services, when EzInvoice is so much easier, faster and is less time, energy intensive and cost than those others? Use the easy interface to setup each client and invoice to your needs. If you don't need all the features of a full blown accounting program... Things like inventory, ...
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    eCatalog - Professional Edition is web / multimedia CD catalog software for both business as well personal album. A Business Enterprise can build category driven product catalog with highly customizable styles, user defined language and powerful features, without any technical skills. Catalog contain power search, categorized navigation, thumbnail viewing, shopping cart with payment gateway.
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    With osCommerce pay by sms and phone, you can substantially reduce the risks of non payment. This risk reduction works both ways, as your customers are probably more willing to pay to a respected payment provider. Ready-to-use We also have a ready-to-use module. Setting up the payment for a single item can be done via a simple wizard. You can ...
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    Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN PHP Script for Digital Download Products is a very simple script that will allow you to start selling digital products with Paypal quickly. Setup is very easy. No database setup is required. Just update the settings.php, upload the files and link to "ipn.php?buy" and you are all set. Features of Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN ...
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    After searching for a really simple script that would just allow the user to enter the amount that they want to send to you and then use paypal to process that transaction i found very little. so i have decided to make one of my own out of another script i found by trawling the net. in short the user ...
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    HTTP requests can be sent to the TransFirst Web services service in order to verify a given credit card and settle a specified payment with TransFirst Payment Class.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HSBC can generate a page that automatically submits a form with some hidden fields to verify a payer passing his credit card details, payment amount and currency, and the URL of the return page.A request can be sent to the HSBC Web services API with the details of the verified payment and it can be determined if the payment was ...
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    Loan Payment Calculator is a web-based mortgage calculator using Microsoft Silverlight.This client-side application allows site visitors to determine mortgage payments and compare financing options easily right on the web page. No additional web pages are needed to make the program work, plus the program's flexible functionality makes it usable through a server or on a desktop.Calculations are made instantly by ...
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    Paypal Pro Payment Integration can send HTTP request to the Paypal API Web servers to execute a given API operation passing a list of name and value pairs. It can also send requests to the sandbox API web servers. The response name value pairs are returned as an associative array. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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