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    PathParser is capable of parsing absolute or relative URLs or file paths and can compute the relative path to go from a given path to another. It resolves relative references as /./ or /../, and eliminates consecutive / characters in the input path.PathParser is an alternative to PHP realpath() function, with two basic differences: it works with real and virtual ...
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    Class Path Locator is meant to resolve path of a [PHP class library] file to be included like in Java. You can specify the directory paths of several [class] libraries that are available and accessible on the system.Class Path Locator can check whether a file with given name exists in any of the specified directory paths. If the file path ...
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    With URL class you can get information about URL's.You can get the following informations in URL class:- Host- Path- Statuscode (eg. 404,200, ...)- HTTP Version- Server- Content Type- Date- The whole header string of the URLURL class is very useful for dynamic written link library pages!
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    Various http servers use a 'guesstimate' basis for directories that don't exist in the virtual path. Using this system, it is possible to select a script with a particular name by specifying the name as a directory in the URI. It is then possible, using this function, to extract parameters required for this script from the URI, without resorting to ...
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    An addon for phpWebSite 0.8.2. Path Parser is a simple mail form that you can link to, allowing users to email you. There is also a German version of this addon.
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