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    Paste is an open source pastebin forked from the original pastebin.com script complete with a brand new design and features such as password protected pastes, archives and custom templates. An admin panel, installer and much more is still to come.
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    pastebin can send code to a private pastebin of a given poster. The list of codes available for a specified posted or the code of a specific post, can also be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Merge Pictures creates a new image pasting two given images in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats. The new image has the width of the first image. The second image will be rescaled to appear with the same width as the first. The new image height is the sum of the first image height with the height of second image after ...
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    Small copy and paste script, including the figures. A figure with one irregular border is shown (the problem), and the player must select the complementary one.
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