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    Easy Password Generator can be used to generate secure passwords that are easy to remember for humans. It uses random words from a dictionary stored as a text file.Easy Password Generator generates pronounceable words made up from a configurable amount of letters and/or numbers. The first letter of the dictionary word and random word is converted to upper case.Then Easy ...
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    From the developer who brought you tinyMuw CMS comes the tinyMuw Password Generator! Just like the CMS, this utility was fully developed in a combat theater (specifically Baghdad, Iraq by an American Infantryman). This script comes with powerful default character sets and standardized bit lengths, but enables the user to easily create their own character set and specify any password ...
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    You can protect your files (eg: admin panel) with user name and password. You can develope this script by write a new modules.
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    Passwd is an Unix-style CRYPT_MD5 PHP class.
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    Gnpasswd can generate rand password of types: - AlphaNumeric, - AlphaOnly, - NumericOnly.
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    passwd.class.php has some common encryption thingies that is useful, the class can handle both DES and MD5 encryption.
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    randomWord class makes a random 'readable' word (currently english-only).randomWord is useful if you want to randomly generate passwords that your user can read and remember (instead of giving them a bunch of numbers). Some examples: Huchafo, Pequizu, Zequiju, Chomoxy.
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    Password Generator class can generate random passwords using the current time as randomizing seed.The generated passwords have a given fixed length and can have only numbers, or only letters or both numbers and letters.
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    JPPassClass is a simple class that can generate a random text made of characters of multiple possible characters sets. It can be used for instance to generate random passwords.The supported characters may be made of either only lower case letters, only upper case characters, only digits, or a combination of any of these three character sets.The generated random text may ...
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    Random Password Generator will help the programmer to create a randomly generated Password for there user. It will return a PASSWORD which will be strong.Random Password Generator just takes as parameter the length of the password string to be generated.
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    Simple class to generate random passwords on the fly. You can specify the minimum length, maximum length, and an array of characters to use in the constructor.
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    PWGen creates random character passwords, and outputs them to text, html, or as images. It also provides a demo of image verification code ala Yahoo account sign up.
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    Password Generate is a simple class that can generate random password strings that satisfies agiven criteria.The generated password has a given length and may include an optional user defined prefix, upper case letters, lower case letters, digits and special symbols.
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    PasswdAuth uses the .htpasswd to authenticate access to your PHP script.
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    AdminPro is an user authentication class based on a MySQL database and the PHP Session functions. It was written for Web sites that need some password protected area.AdminPro class includes an user management application script, as well a MySQL table setup application script.Functions of AdminPro class:- Login and logout a user via Web based forms.- Expire the session of an ...
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