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    DaocGuildXML parses the XML feed supplied by the Camelot Herald.DaocGuildXML will parse any guild XML feed into a hash array tree. There are a couple of helper functions to return the member list array and a list of attributes for each member.
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    Give an XML from Amazon's Web Service, this class parses the XML and creates and array of with product information.
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    CSS parser is able to parse CSS files making the properties available for examination and further processing.
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    strStream class parses flat text files with arbitrary structure.
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    With URL class you can get information about URL's.You can get the following informations in URL class:- Host- Path- Statuscode (eg. 404,200, ...)- HTTP Version- Server- Content Type- Date- The whole header string of the URLURL class is very useful for dynamic written link library pages!
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    URLHelper gives you access to the http header information and provides some help for retrieving and parsing urls.FUNCTIONS of URLHelper:function isURLAvailable($url)function isValidURLFormat($url, $strict=false)function addHTTPtoURL($url)function getHTTPStatusCode($url)function getRealURL ($url, $simple = true, $method = "HEAD")function getHTTPHeader($url)function getMD5FromURL($url, $estFilesize=500000)function _openHTTPConnection($url, $method = "HEAD")
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    PHP Composer is meant to render images of the musical score of ring tones notes used in cellular phones, defined in the RTTL format.PHP Composer parses the RTTL ring tones string to extract the information about the author, duration, scale, beats per minute and the notes of the tune.Then PHP Composer renders the score image using a customizable logo and ...
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    AudioFile was basically built to recognize attributes (like frequency, format, channels, resolution, compression, length, id3-tags) of audio-files (.wav,.aif,.mp3,.ogg).Furthermore the latest version includes a method to visualize audio-samples as known in common audio-software (waveLab, CoolEdit...) using the GD-library.
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    PHP Cron Parser can be used to parse cron tab files to retrieve job schedules.The idea is to provide an alternative solution for scheduling tasks when it is not to use the cron program usually available and Unix/Linux systems.PHP Cron Parser accept the standard crontab format, including comma separated and range values. It can calculate the next time a scheduled ...
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    PHP Scraper is meant to fetch remote HTML pages and parse them to extract structured information into arrays. It can take a model of the definition of the structure of a given page and process it to clip the relevant fields of information.
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    Gonx URLs is meant to generate URLs for accessing application dynamically generated pages based on parameters passed in the URL.The class can optionally generate URLs in the common dynamic page format (http://www.mycompany.com/index?go=home&page;=1) or URLs in a format optimized for not preventing search engine crawling (http://www.mycompany.com/index/home/1/).In the later case, Gonx URLs can also generate scripts that will process requests of pages ...
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    HTML parser classes is meant to parse HTML code from a string or from a file and generate the processed content that may highlighted with different functions that handle the HTML tags, attributes, data, comments and DTD information.Optionally, the processed HTML may be outputted with line numbering.HTML parser classes may be used to different HTML processing by the means of ...
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    Parse Mail can parse an e-mail message to extract its headers and body parts. It extracts the values of common types of headers. The message text body and attachment parts are cut out of the mail text. Parts encoded with base64 method are automatically decoded.There is a simple example included to get incoming mail directly from sendmail (or equivalent) and ...
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    HTTP Headers Utility is based on HTTP::Headers::Util. This class provides a few functions useful for parsing and constructing valid HTTP header values.
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    Apache log parser can be used to parse Apache log files in the common log format. It opens a given log file and parses each line at once. The values of the fields of each log line are returned in an associative array. Features of Apache log parser:- Fetch by IP- Fetch by Request- Fetch Requests by IP- Fetch Request ...
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