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    Static Parser Engine (SPE) is a kind of CMS for websites. It can be integrated into any static based website (the site which contents static html-pages). Recommended for SEO optimizators! Key features manage web-pages through web-interface create, edit, delete and rename files of given extensions in given folders supported edit modes: WSYIWYG for beginners aka lamers and plain-html for advanced ...
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    Hololib is a collection of functions which I've developed for my own use over the years. Hololib includes such things as credit card validation, email address validation, smart line wrap, HTML parser, name parser (breaks a person's name down into its parts) and more. Hololib is free software, in the sense of "free beer" *and* "free speech"!
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    BiBTeX Manager can be used to parse and manipulate BiBTeX entries for use in LaTeX authored publications.BiBTeX Manager can beautify a string for use in your BiBTeX files, clean out illegal characters, and extract some elements of a BiBTeX entry.
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    BDecode can be used to parse and extract metadata from BitTorrent files.BDecode can read a BitTorrent file and extract the values of several types of properties into an array, like the files name and length, creator, creation date, file pieces, etc.
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    IMDB Parser can be used to parse and extract movie information from the respective pages of the IMDB site.IMDB Parser can extract the movie title, language, country, rating, genre, director, plot, color or black and white, tag line and poster picture URL.
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    SourceMap can be used to parse and extract a list of tokens from source code in one of several supported languages. It can parse source code in a given language and extract tokens according to the definitions of token delimiter character sequences for that language. The class supports PHP, Javascript and Python.SourceMap can extract several types of tokens: comments in ...
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    CLI Parser class can be used to parse and extract the values of arguments passed to a PHP script when it is executed from the command line.There are several classes that can parse and validate arguments of several types like: boolean switches, strings, numbers, files and directory names.The main class can use objects of the configured argument types classes to ...
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    Simple TMX class can be used to retrieve texts to be used by internationalized applications from XML files. It can parse files in specific XML format that contain the internationalized texts for a given idiom.The texts are stored in class variables to be easily retrieved by applications that use them.Simple TMX class can store the internationalized texts in cache files ...
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    ABG_IniParser can be used to parse and write configuration files in the ini format.Functions of ABG_IniParser:- Parse an ini file and store its data structure in an array class variable.- Check whether the ini file can be written to before storing back it contents.- Retrieve or check an option value by section and option name.- Create a new section or ...
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    Miranda IM Database Reader can be used to parse a settings file of a Miranda IM user. It can retrieve several types of information including the list of user contacts and the chat history.
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    cParseurl is a very simple class that wraps around the parse_url PHP function.cParseurl can parse an URL and store the URL parts in class variables for the URL scheme, host, domain, top level domain, port, user, password and query arguments.If the URL scheme is missing, it assumes it is http .
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    ReGet Parser can be used to parse extract information from ReGet Deluxe save files. It can retrieve list of files queued for downloading as an associative array that contains the attributes of each file.
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    SQL Parsing is a simple class that can parse text files with a list of MySQL query statements to be executed.SQL Parsing splits the file lines, skips comment lines and gathers all consecutive lines until the one ends with semi-colon to get the complete SQL statement.Each statement is executed as MySQL query to the current default MySQL database connection.
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    HTML Data Parser can be used to parse HTML files to extract its structure of tags and data.There is a class that can parse HTML files and strings and build an array of elements with all the tags and text data that is found.There is another class that extends the base parser class to parse template files and extract the ...
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    FSM Parser can be used to parse or preprocess any markup or programming language using a finite state machine.First it is necessary to define each state transition by specifying a regular expression to determine the format of the text to expect, the code to execute when the expected text is found, the next states of the transaction to when the ...
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