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    LinkExchange Creator is Free Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Script. It automates the job of exaching links with your link partners. Just need to put the LinkExchange Script on your site, colors of whole interface can be changed through parameter. Features of LinkExchange Creator:- 100% automatic reciprocal link- Link exchange is fully automatic- Increase targeted web site traffic- Very easy to ...
  2. PHP SWF Reader
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    PHP SWF Reader is a PHP script for I/O operations on SWF files. Basically, other than returning all the main information from a SWF file, such as the bg color, framerate, player version, compression, protection used, movie size, it also allows to modify some of those parameters. It can also read the SWF header information and return an associative array ...
  3. Java and C# compatible scalar type hinting
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    This PHP script is used to check the types of called function arguments. It will set up an error handler function that can determine if a function is being called with the wrong types of arguments. The error handler can check if the type hinting classes for the function being called is string, float, double, boolean, integer and check if ...
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    Checksum can generate a checksum from a list of parameters and values to be passed in links using a private constant key value. It can also determine if a checksum is valid for a given list of parameters and values. A time range can be defined so that the checksum is only valid if the current time is within that ...
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    dinamicParams can takes the name of a function, an optional object and an array with the list of parameters and calls the specified function of the object. The reflection API is used to determine the function parameters. The function is called using the parameter values passed as arguments in an array, filling missed parameters with the corresponding default values. Requirements: ...
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    The templates are PHP scripts with regular PHP constructs inside. A require command pointing to this class is used to process the template.The template parameters are class variables that are assigned by a class function. Template scripts use the template parameters using the $this pseudo-variable.
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    The graph is outputted as a JPEG image through parametric_diagram.
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    secShield takes a string with a list of parameters like the query parameters of an URL. It returns a string with the parameters encrypted with a secret key that should be used as a single parameter in a link URL.The integrity of the parameters can be verified and they can be decrypted. If the encrypted parameters are not valid in ...
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    web20vnRouter takes a definition of the patterns of URLs that are expected when the users access the site pages, and extracts the relevant parameters that define what actions should be taken.Static class variables are used to store the extracted parameters.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Query String Manager can take an array with values of query string parameters and set or get its values. A query string can be generated from the parameters with the values optionally encoded for use as URLs.Requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher
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    pAjax can be used to make the browser invoke actions executed on the server side without reloading the current page. It sends what is known as AJAX requests that consist in Javascript calls that sends HTTP requests to the server encapsulate the eventual parameters of the requested actions. Parameters can be any type of data, including objects, arrays, strings, numbers ...
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    PHP Typification Class can be used to check the types of the parameters passed to a function at run time. It is meant to help detecting eventual bugs caused by passing function parameters of the wrong type.PHP Typification Class can take the list of function arguments values and verify whether they match a function argument type specification defined by a ...
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    Information about the call stack including all the classes, functions, parameters that were used to reach the current point of the code that PHP is executing, can be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Paranoia was designed to check the validity of the parameters that a php page will receive after a form submision.Paranoia can be used to check the variables sent by POST or GET.
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    Mandelbrot can generate Mandelbrot and Julia fractals images using arbitary precision math using the PHP BC extension.Mandelbrot can be configured to set many different fractal parameters and the size of the output image, which is saved to a file in the PNG format using PHP GD extension.
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