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    Query result table display class outputs a table with the data from the result rows of a database query.Features of Query result table display class:- Database independency (works with any DBMS supported by Metabase).- Splits the display of the result rows in multiple pages of configurable number of rows displaying automatic links to Next, Previous, First, Last, etc.. pages.- Arbitrary ...
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    Simple Paginator can be used to generate links to navigate listings split between multiple pages. It takes as parameters the total number of entries in the listing, the limit of entries per page, and the number of the current page.Simple Paginator generates HTML links to go to the first, previous, next, last and any intermediate pages of the listing. The ...
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    DataGrid can be used to display paginated MySQL query results in data grid. It renders an HTML table with listings of data retrieved results of a given MySQL query.The listings can be split between pages with a limited number of result rows per page. The column names appear as links that can be clicked to sort the listing by the ...
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    SPagin can be used to generate navigation HTML links for pagination of arbitrary listings split in multiple pages. It takes as parameters the limit number entries to display per page, total number of entries in the whole listing and the number of the current page.SPagin generates links using a base URL to go to the first page, last page, and ...
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    Paging for MySQL is a class that demonstrates how to build the Next and Previous links to navigate between pages of a given MySQL query results. It creates a page navigation bar like in Google.
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    Ciul Pager can be used to generate navigation links for paginated listings.It generates links to go to each of the pages of a listing of entries with a given maximum number of entries per page, the total number of entries and the number of the current page being displayed.The format of the link URLs is configurable.
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    TPaginatedData can be used to generate listings split in multiple pages of data from MySQL database query results. It takes a query string and determines the number of result rows to calculates the total number of pages.Then TPaginatedData can execute the query to to get the data for the current page to display. The current listing page is generated using ...
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    PaginateIt is a simple PHP class written to make pagination easy. Pagination allows you to break up a collection of data (gallery, news items, etc...) into different pages. It can work in conjuction with a database, flat files, or any other collection. This class will allow you to easily implement pagination and help keep your code cleaner.Usage:include('PaginateIt.php');$PaginateIt = new PaginateIt();$PaginateIt->SetItemCount(x);echo ...
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    Simple Paging can be used to show navigation links to browse MySQL SELECT query results split in multiple pages. It can calculate the total number of pages to display the results of a given MySQL select query.Simple Paging generates a navigation bar made of HTML links to go to the next, the previous and other pages that display a limited ...
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    Generate Paging can be used to display MySQL database query results split into multiple HTML pages. It can execute a MySQL query and display the results in an HTML page with table.If the total number of result set rows exceeds a given limit, the class display the results split among several pages with links to navigate between them.The navigation links ...
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    Paginate is a simple class that can be used to generate paginated navigation links for listings of arbitrary data split between multiple pages. It takes as parameter the total number of items in a listing, the limit of items to display per page and the number of the current page.Paginate generates links to the first page, next page, previous page, ...
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    SplitResults is a class which splits the database results and the results will be displayed in many pages as the search engine result.
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    SplitPageResult is a class for splitting Interbase/Firebird/non MySQL database query results in multiple pages. As you may know, with the 'LIMIT' clause supported in MySQL SQL syntax, it is easy to paginate data. Since other databases do not support this clause, it is difficult to split large query result sets.SplitPageResult uses a loop to skip result set rows according to ...
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    gnPaginate creates navigation page number links.Types of page numbers links supported are:- Page number links for all pages.- Floating page numbers with Next/Prev links- All page numbers with Next/Prev links
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    queryList executes a SQL query to a MySQL database and paginates the results and displaying previous and next navigation links.
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