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    An SQL query, the limit number of rows to display per page and the number of the current page, are taken as parameters.SimplePaginator calculates the range of rows to retrieve and executes the SQL query appending a LIMIT clause to retrieve only the rows to display on the current page.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    MySQL Pagination can determine the number of rows returned by a query in order to calculate the total number of pages required to split the listing according to a specified per-page limit.A navigation bar with links to browse the listing can also be generated. MySQL Pagination also executes the query and returns an array with only the records to be ...
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    SimplePaging takes an SQL query and counts the number of rows that it returns. It executes the SQL query to retrieve the results to display in the current page. It generates HTML links to go to the different pages the listing of the query results, considering a given limit of results to show per page and the number of the ...
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    Semantic pagination can generate HTML links to browse arbitrary lists of entries split into multiple pages. It takes as parameters the limit of entries to list per page, the total number of entries and the base URL to generate the navigation links.Semantic pagination can generate links for the listing pages including to the next, previous, first and last pages. The ...
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    PageIterator is a class for stepping through a large set of data, such as a database query result, page by page. It returns the index numbers of the elements to be displayed on each page and page numbers for links to previous and next pages.PageIterator does not mess with the design of your page, nor with your database. It only ...
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    An array with the rows of data to display, the number of the current page and the limit number of rows to display per page, is passed to the class.arromat can then be used to retrieve the data of each row that will be displayed in the current page, as well parameters to generate links to navigate between the diferent ...
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    A connection can be established to a MySQL database server and several types of general purpose queries and functions can be executed.Key Features of All PHP:- Executing SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from lists of parameters- Retrieve query results into arrays- Generate query results pagination linksRequirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Arbitrary types of listings can be paginated. An example is provided to demonstrate how to paginate the results of a database query using ADODB API.Key Features of Generic Easy Pagination:- Setting current page- Setting the records listed in each page- Getting the total number of records that were retrieved- Setting the query for searching records- Using the same query to ...
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    MSSQL Pagination executes a specified query and retrieves the number of rows to display in the current page, up to the given limit of rows per page.A navigation bar with HTML links, which allow browsing to other pages of the query results listing, is generated.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Rejilla query paginator renders the results of a SQL query as a HTML table. It takes the SQL query to execute and processes results splitting them in multiple pages. A method prints out navigation links (for first, last, previous, and next pages).Rejilla query paginator also generates the ordering links in the header row, allowing the user to sort, ascending and ...
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    GV Pagination Class takes as parameter SELECT SQL query and counts the number of rows it would return.GV Pagination Class executes the SQL query limiting the range of rows to show in the current page, given the limit of results to show per page and the number of the current page that is retrieved from a request variable.Links for browsing ...
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    Simple classe to display a recordset with a page next and previous. You could customize it like google.com.
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    Database query results can be split over multiple pages and the output can be defined using Smarty templates. The templates may define the presentation of listings as table rows with links to browse different listing pages.Key Features of Paginator Iterator:- Paginates results from a given SQL- Iterates the paginated results (p_item and p_alternating plugins)- Allows to create a page navigator- ...
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    KG Pager Class takes as parameters the total number of entries in the whole listing, the limit number of entries displayed on each listing page, and the number of the current page.KG Pager Class generates links to browse to the next listing page, previous page, first page, last page, and any intermediate pages.The URL of the links can be configured.Requirements:PHP ...
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    Paging is meant to generate navigation links to split listings of arbitrary information between multiple pages. Usually this is meant for paging listings of database query results but it can also be used for paging any other kind of listings.Paging takes the total number of records in the whole listing, the limit number of records to be displayed per page ...
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