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    NinjaLinks is a PHP/MySQL web directory script designed to help you organise lists of links in categories and sub- categories.Features of NinjaLinks:- complete category management- link management including pending links- allows optional link buttons with submitted links- allows optional link description- tree like system allows viewing by category- optional notification emails for link owners- pagination of links in admin panel ...
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    MyPagination is a PHP/MySQL script easily allows you to break up large result sets from a database query, and present it to the viewers in a more manageable way, and restrict database results without having to create complex pagination code.Features of MyPagination Script:- Very easy to use- Dynamically generate pages numbers and jumpers, just write your query and leave the ...
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    The number of result rows of an SQL query string are counted.Perfect MySQL Paging can generate links to browse multiple pages among which the query results will be split. The presentation of the links is configurable using CSS styles.The limit number of results to display per page, the limit of links to display and the base link URL are configurable ...
  4. DrasticTools
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    Pagination, sorting and in-line editing of data, are supported by the grid. DrasticTools executes an SQL query to retrieve the data for the rows of a given table. The row data is displayed in an HTML table. The number of rows per page maybe limited. Navigation links are displayed to browse between result pages. The table headers display the field ...
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    SPaging is based on another class originally written by Ashish Vishwakarma. The style of the pagination links is changed. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHP Scaffolder generates a PHP script that can be used to insert, list, update and delete records in a given MySQL table. Separate classes are used by the script to generate and validate forms, as well as display table records in paginated listings. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    PHP AJAX pagination takes as parameters an SQL query, the number of results to show per page and the current page number. HTML and JavaScript code is generated in order to display links for browsing the query result pages. When the user clicks on the links an AJAX request is sent to a script that retrieves the page results and ...
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    PDO Pagination takes an SQL query and execute it once to retrieve the total number of rows that it would return. HTML code with links to all result pages are being generated, with the page number and number of results being displayed per page, listed. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher Limitations: The code and comments are in Portuguese.
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    Query Limit takes as parameters an array with values of the total number of rows in the result set, the number of rows to display per page and the current page to be displayed. A string with the SQL LIMIT clause, which should be used to specify the range of rows, that are to be retrieved, is returned. Requirements: PHP ...
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    classDataObject executes SELECT questions to a database table and retrieves records into arrays. It can generate pagination links to browse listings of table records split in many pages. classDataObject can also execute INSERT and UPDATE queries to set table records with data from array parameters. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Pager script takes as parameters the limit number of entries to display per page, the total number of listing entries and the number of the currently selected page. An array with the number of first and last entries to display is returned. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Main function of CSS Pagination is to split a listing into several pages, with a predefined number of records per page. The CSS code (style.css) can be edited to fit the existent appearance of a page. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A specified MySQL query is executed and the results are displayed in an HTML table with the help of Paging Object. The table has links on the columns to redisplay the results sorting by respective column. The listing may be split on pages of a limited number of results per page with links to browse other listing pages. It is ...
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    Classe Paginazione takes as parameters an SQL query, the number of results display per page and the name of request variable that will be used to pass the number of the page to browser in the links. The Classe Paginazione executes the query to retrieve only the results of the current page and stores the results in a class variable. ...
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    There is one class that can execute SQL SELECT queries in either MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. Then tGrid can generate an HTML table with the query results. The secondary class can generate links to browse paginated query results. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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