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  1. Google Pagerank Script
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    Google Pagerank PHP script works for both bloggers and webmasters. This script directly communication from google toolbar. You can check your Google Ranking, Alexa Ranking and Dmoz.It always is advisable not to make too many request at the same time from the same IP.
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    php easy :: seo report script is intended to lookup for SEO results for your domain on all major search engines and other important sites and to present them on a single page. The script retrieves and displays the following information about your domain: Google indexed pages, Google inbound links, Yahoo indexed pages, Yahoo inbound links, Bing indexed pages, Bing ...
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    guaranix Rank implements the Google page rank algorithm based on the original paper written by Larry Page, Sergey Brin and other at the Stanford university. guaranix Rank keeps track of the pages and the links that they contain in a MySQL database. The script can calculate the page rank of each page based on the links that exist pointing to ...
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    Check your Google Ranking, Alexa Ranking and Dmoz. Show the number of backlinks and the number of indexed pages from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, Alltheweb.Look at the differences between two checking, to monitor on real time your search engine visibility. Useful for web companion of submission and optimization on search engines. The script show also the Google last visit date ...
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