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    swemc can connect of a MySQL database, execute SQL query and output the query results in HTML tables.Functions of swemc:- Execute select, update, insert and delete SQL queries- Output query results in HTML tables that can have their presentation customized with CSS.- Output HTML tables also customizable with CSS with the results of queries that retrieve single database table records- ...
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    View Var is a very simple class meant to show the definition of variables formatting the output with HTML tables.View Var is useful for debugging, especially with (multidimensional) arrays and objects that the class traverses using recursion to in case of arrays of objects that contain other arrays or objects.
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    Basic Table Generator is meant to compose and manipulate the layout of tables to be outputted in HTML.It has functions to define the rows, columns, normal cells, header cells, add and remove rows or columns, split or join cells, and output the final table layout in HTML.The variables and the functions in the class code are in Portuguese
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    HTML Editor is meant to dynamically compose and output HTML documents. It provides functions to add many different types of the HTML elements to the document that is being composed.Used with PEAR::HTML_Table and PEAR::HTML_Forms or other PEAR::HTML_* classes provides a complete interface to create HTML documents of any complication or parts of HTML formatted text on the fly.With HTML Editor ...
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    DTD 2 PHP is meant to generate new PHP classes that are capable of outputting SGML/XML documents compliant with a given DTD definition.DTD 2 PHP class is used in the PHPVoice package.
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    classHTML, despite is incomplete yet, is fully functional. It is meant to generate HTML code completely from PHP, with beautiful output.
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    HTML Generator can be used to compose and output HTML documents programmatically. It provides means to compose an HTML document by adding tags and data to it.The generated HTML code is fully compliant with W3 consortium HTML standards.
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    Array 2 XML is capable of storing the data of associative arrays in XML files using DOM PHP 5 extension API.It supports specifying the XML output file name, the document root name, the output encoding. It also supports storing nested associative arrays.
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