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    CSS3 Maximizer is a PHP script for standardizing CSS 3 code output. The CSS3 Maximizer script allows developers to write their CSS 3 code only once, vendor prefix free. It works by analyzing inputted rules and automatically adding all needed prefixes so that code will render perfectly and the same across all browsers supporting that feature. Additionally, CSS3 code can ...
  2. SimpleReflector for PHP
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    This is a script for debugging PHP objects. Automatically handles null/true/false/empty strings.Unlike other scripts that destroy page layouts, it correctly escapes characters for HTML output, so the script output won't break the page.Shown debug info:- Class file/line location (especially useful when the same name class is defined multiple times in the filesystem).- Methods in the script, including parameter names.- Contents ...
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    DebugHelper can be used to display var info, takes time, dumps source.CONSTRUCTOR:function debugHelper ($outputType = HTML)Features of DebugHelper- function dump ($thing, $options = null)- function getOptions($type, $additionalOptions = null)- function highlightFile($file, $from = 1, $count = EOF)- function startTimer ($id = 'default')- function stopTimer ($id = 'default')- function getTime ($id = 'default')- function toTable ($array, $header = null, $horizontal = ...
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    Dbg is a free and Open Source PHP Debug script. Dbg can be used to output variable values for debugging.It can take variable values and output them in the current page as HTML formatted according the type of value being presented.Currently the sript can output values from arrays, objects, strings, code, separators and variable types.In Spanish:Esta clase permite mejorar el ...
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    This class is meant to compose and output the contents of an HTML table similarly to the VSFlexGrid component for Visual Basic.It supports defining in a first step the contents and presentation style details of table headers and data rows like colors, alignment, width, etc.. Then in a second step it outputs the HTML of the whole table.
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    This class is meant to process content text with tags like VBcode, BBcode, IBFcode, etc. into HTML.It can generate a form with textarea field to edit the content text. This textarea may be outputted with buttons buttons that insert the appropriate tags in the textarea to perform text formatting or other functions.It can restrict the range of supported tags, perform ...
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    phpDebugger is an Open Source PHP debug script. As an extremely useful debugging tool that allows you to output debugging strings, variable contents etc. into a MySQL table and then view the output in another window while your scripts are running.
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    Image to PHP Standalone Output is based on the "Image to PHP" class by Ben Yacoub Hatem. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Output Buffering handler enables the script output buffering in such way that the output will be filtered by handler code managed by Output Buffering handler.Multiple handlers, that will process the output one after another, can be added. The handler code is treated as PHP code template that is executed to process the output and return the filtered output.Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    Cache output and objects checks if a given cache file exists and is updated. If it is updated, it outputs the cached content. Otherwise it starts capturing the output of the current script.When the script is done outputting the content to be cached, it should call the class again to check the cache. Then the class updates the captured output.Cache ...
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    Clean Output can be used to reformat HTML or XML documents. It can read a string with HTML or XML and indent its lines according to the depth of the tags and data. Optional it can show in the outputted document a trace of the indentation level. Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    GzOutput can be used to serve one or more files compressing them if the user browser supports compression. It can serve one or more files in the same request. If the files are Javascript or CSS, they can be processed first to remove needless comments and white space.If the browser supports compression, GzOutput may compress the files data before serving ...
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    Access Pattern Counter is meant to keep track of the count of users access to the pages of a site. The counter class can also output the current access count in an HTML table.Page accesses are considered by the remote user computer IP address only if sufficient time has passed, by default one hour. During this access window, a count ...
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    IAM CSV Dump takes the results of a SQL query and outputs in the CSV (comma separated values) format.IAM CSV Dump offers the choice of sending the output to the browser or downloading it as a file. The name and extension of the dump file are defined by the developer.
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    Allows you to put debug messages in your code and mark them with a specific debug level. Later, when you want to output your debug messages, you can squelch out the messages with levels you don't want to see.debugger is more different than other debug classes because it is not stepping through your code like a real debugger. It is ...
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