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    PHP-Simple-Daemon is a script to run PHP as a daemon on POSIX systems. The daemon will run in the OS' background as a process that accepts connections and acts on them. For every connection, the daemon creates a new process. Documentation is provided with the package's README file. The code is also very well commented. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- ...
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    SiteFusion allows object-oriented PHP applications to operate as OS-native applications through a XULRunner-based thin client. The client connects to the SiteFusion daemon through an ordinary Web server,... and applications run in separate continuous processes. Two-way communication is enabled, without the need for additional Web server configurations. The implementation of the XUL framework in a PHP class structure includes an implementation ...
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    Parameters such as the character sequence to end lines and the path delimiter, can be determined.
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    Filebase can be used to retrieve information about the current Web server setup.Filebase can determine the server machine OS, the Web server document root path, the current script path, and the PHP include path.
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