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    The main purpose of SimpleNotes is to easily categorize notes, bookmarks, man pages, scripts and other stuff. The script is published under GPL Version 2. The script is written in PHP, the data is stored in MySQL. The installation is trivial. There is a demo on the home page.
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    COOKDOJO HOME EDITION enables you to manage all your recipes with ease. Adding, editing, printing and searching for recipes is simple and fast. You can make your own ebook. Features of COOKDOJO HOME EDITION:- Web Based; - Add / Remove Recipe Category; - Add / Remove Recipe in Category; - Search recipe in title, ingredient, method; - Export to E-book ...
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    pPIM is a personal information manager that can store contacts and their photos, events in a calendar, links, notes, send emails, check emails from unlimited email accounts, and upload files. A Must have, very user friendly, easy to install, and a great user interface to look like Windows Longhorn Contacts manager. Stores info in flat files so it does not ...
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    Report Manger is my first program in php. and only support farsi language (this is my language) Help me for better program and update this program.
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    myPHProlodex is a very simple and not yet optimized PHP application which acts like a small rolodex. Features of myPHProlodex: - Basic add and delete.- Ability to export a comma-delimited text file to import into MS Word for mail merge purposes. - Ability to store your lists for later recall. New Features Add: - LDAP support added- Ability to search ...
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    TAF is a small todo list manager written in PHP that uses PostgreSQL database on backend.Features of TAF: multi-user, priority, category, assigned-user management of a task list, and closed (terminated) tasks with termination date.The authentification mechanism is based on 'valid users' under Apache, to avoid another users database. Please nothat that this script is written in french.
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