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  1. Scriptcase PHP Code Generator
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    Scriptcase PHP Generator is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity. Scriptcase PHP Generator runs directly in the browser enabling web application collaborative development. It supports most databases available generating highly customizable PHP code and of easy maintenance. Scriptcase PHP Generator is easy to learn and simple to use yet it generates sophisticated attractive applications saving time and increasing ...
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    dbiCal is a PHP database backend solution for storing (multiple) iCal calendars in a database and uses the MDB2 PEAR package as database API and the iCalcreator 2.8 as the API for interacting with calendar data.Works with MySQL/MySQLi, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Frontbase (unmaintained), Querysim, Interbase/Firebird, MSSQL and SQLite databases. All calendar information and components with all properties, including x-properties are supported. ...
  3. Oracle database
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    This PHP Script can execute Oracle database queries, it establishes a connection to an Oracle server, parses queries and executes them.This PHP database tool script can also execute queries like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT and TRUNCATE. It can log the queries to a file and display warning or exit when an error occurs.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
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    PHP Oracle Grid aims to display Oracle query results in an HTML table. It can execute a given SQL query and then generate an HTML table in which the query results displayed. The presentation of the table rows is configurable using CSS styles. Headers, odd and even rows can use different CSS styles.When the user drags the mouse a row, ...
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    iOracleDriver is an Oracle database access wrapper. iOracleDriver comes with a class for managing Oracle database connections and execute SQL queries, and another class for retrieving query result sets.
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    Oracle is the connections to an Oracle database can be established, SQL queries can be executed and results can be retrieved into arrays. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Oracle Information Site allows DBAs to view the most important informations about all configured Oracle databases. Support for Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g (untested) is integrated.OIS gives the DBA many informations like:- Instance Configuration parameter- Running processes with detail view- Redo Log and Rollback segment usage- Tablespaces- Overview of all defined DBMS_JOBs- Memory Usage- Basic tuning views- General instance statistics- ...
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    Oracle class allows to develop applications using Oracle 8i or higher. It supports bind variables, IN/OUT variables for PL/SQL procedures and BLOB support. Additionally Oracle class features an easy-to-learn API and an error-management which includes auto-sending of EMails in case an DB error occured. The script works with PHP4 or PHP5 and requires the OCI8 extension to be enabled in ...
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    oracle_sessions script allows conversion of php sessions class to use Oracle instead of MySQL.
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    DABAJAX Toolkit can execute SQL queries to an Oracle database to complete text typed in form fields using parameters passed by Javascript code to PHP scripts using AJAX requests.Parameters from different form fields defining filters for the data to be queried, can be passed to the queries.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Piragibe is a framework for PHP database application development. It is intended to be similar to Oracle Forms. It employs a development metaphor that resembles Oracle Developer suite, with data blocks, forms, triggers and events.Piragibe provides:- A layer for generic data validation that is capable of validating fields, records and blocks of records with programmatic control- A clear separation and ...
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    PHP with Oracle is a simple wrapper class to access Oracle databases.PHP with Oracle can establish Oracle database connections, execute SQL queries and return the number columns and records in a result set.
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    A class that makes it ridiculously easy to use mySQL, Oracle8, Inerbase/Firebase, PostgreSQL, SQLite (PHP), SQLite (C++) and/or MS-SQL database(s) within your PHP/C++ script. Includes lots of examples making it very easy to understand how to work with databases.ezSQL has excellent debug functions making it lightning-fast to see what’s going on in your SQL code. ezSQL can dramatically decrease development ...
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    TQuery is abstract database access layer for Oracle or other databases.
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    B-Forms contains a set of classes for composing and generating HTML forms that resemble the Oracle Forms structure: a form consists of blocks, which consist of properties and may have multiple rows.To define a custom form you do not need to derive this forms class. You just create instances of form element classes and define triggers to handle form events ...
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