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    When you have a big MySQL database, you may need to optimize and eventually repair any tables that may need it. This class allows you to schedule the execution of these tasks. After the class performs the repair and optimization tasks, it saves the date and time in a file.Next time the class is called to perform those tasks again, ...
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    MySQL Optimizer is meant to analyze, optimize or repair tables of a MySQL database.The class is capable of connecting to a given MySQL database, extract the list of names of tables, and perform one of the three operations in all tables. The results are outputted in an HTML table.
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    LSM Check and Repair can be used to access a MySQL database check its tables in order to perform tasks like repairing tables, recover lost indexes and table data files, taking backups and optimize the tables.LSM Check and Repair also generates a Web interface to let the user choose the actions to take and see the result of the operations.
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    ezSQL is a widget that makes it very fast and easy for you to use database(s) within your PHP scripts.This widget is a php file that you include at the top of your script. Then, instead of using std php database functions listed in the php manual, you use a much smaller (and easier) set of ezSQL functions.ezSQL can dramatically ...
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    Free script for SEO masters creates you own search engine and directory with thousands of SE-optimized pages and paid links. You can use the script as part of your portal. Qiuck setup. Just enter 5-15 base keywords for your category.
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    myPHProlodex is a very simple and not yet optimized PHP application which acts like a small rolodex. Features of myPHProlodex: - Basic add and delete.- Ability to export a comma-delimited text file to import into MS Word for mail merge purposes. - Ability to store your lists for later recall. New Features Add: - LDAP support added- Ability to search ...
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