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  1. Feed Finder
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    This class can be used to check whether an URL is of an RSS or Atom feed.It retrieves the contents of a Web resource given its URL. The class tries to parse the retrieved content assuming it is a XML document. It checks whether certain XML elements are present to determine whether it is a feed in RSS 1, RSS ...
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    OPML Parser Class retrieves local or remote OPML file and parses it to extract the URLs of the listed content into an array as well all other the properties of each content entry such as: name, target, description, RSS feed, creation date and content type (RSS, HTML, etc..).The content entries can also be outputted to an HTML formatted list.Requirements: PHP ...
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    Feed Finder Class retrieves a given page (using cURL) and parses its head section to obtain the list links to the associated RSS, ATOM and OPML links. An array is used to return the URLs of available links.Before attempting to retrieve the specified page, Feed Finder Class checks the site's robots.txt file first to see if it is allowed to ...
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