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  1. Users online
    590 total visits
    Users online is a PHP and MySQL script which is a great litte addon to your site which allows you to output how many people are currently browsing your website.Features of Users online:- All set up and ready to go - just requires MySQL information!- Automatic installer to make for an easy install- Built in troubleshooter- Record of most users ...
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    1605 total visits
    Wordpress Who's Online Plugin is a new plugin that displays who is currently viewing your wordpress blog. The package also includes a sidebar widget for users of your blog to see how busy the blog is. Within the admin panel you can see exactly who is online as well as how long they have been online for, what page they ...
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    1574 total visits
    User online and hits keeps track of the pages that each visitor accesses.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    1522 total visits
    Online Visitors Counter Scripts Set is intended to count and display the number of unique visitors currently viewing your site by checking the referer IP addresses. php easy :: online visitors counter scripts set contains 3 ready-to-use online visitor counters using 3 different methods of displaying data:- php include() directive- html iframe widget- javascript widget While php include() directive can ...
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    1841 total visits
    A session is started for each new user visiting the site and its identifier is stored in a MySQL database.PHP Online Users can update the last visit time and remove user records that have not visited the site since a given time limit.Requirements: PHP 4.4 or higher
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    2220 total visits
    Page visit counts are stored in text files. Each time a user visits a page the class adds or updates an array entry that counts the number of visits to that page. The array is serialized and store in a text file.giCounter reads the text file and unserializes the array to get the count of visited site pages.Requirements: PHP 3 ...
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    2080 total visits
    Very basic script that can be used to show the status of your shoutcast server. The script Shoutcast Status Image will display one of two image you set online or offline.Shoutcast Status Image is the script i made for so if you want to see it but it will just look like a image :P
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    1882 total visits
    Users Online by IP can store in a file the last time an user of a given IP address accessed the site. The number of unique IP addresses registered in the last 60 minutes is being returned.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    1912 total visits
    "20 users online" style user tracking is a favourite of ASP websites - this class allows you to do the same thing easily in PHP. The OnlineUsers class uses a leightweight mySQL table to track the users, logging them to a table. Details of who is online and how many users is then easily retrieved.
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    2066 total visits
    UsersOnline2 gives you faster management of users online and increased flexibility. You will have the ability to view the number on the current page or visiting the entire site.
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    1567 total visits
    UsersOnline calculates the number of users on a website, using a timeout method.
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    1617 total visits
    Reports the number of users that are currently online.
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    1771 total visits
    AzDGOnlineUsers count online users on the all pages where class-code are included.AzDGOnlineUsers may count:- Users on all pages (website) or only this page.- Hits number from last $sec time in the site or only this page.
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    1682 total visits
    Time Online is meant to keep track of the time the users spend visiting the pages of a site.It can keep track of the time spent in a single page, on the entire site using the same session or the total time since the first access.Time Online can display in the site HTML pages the time spent and keep displaying ...
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    1543 total visits
    Keeps track of number of distinct visitors currently accessing the site, along with their IP address. This system does not need any database.
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