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    PHP text cleaner is designed as a web-based document cleaner to clean up text from Microsoft Word documents, replacing HTML unfriendly characters with their HTML friendly equivalents. When a web content producer has large amounts of text content in a Microsoft Word, or some other pre-formatted document format. Copying and pasting text from a Word document can lead to multiple ...
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    This package allows to merge OpenOffice and Ms Office templates with values, SQL and other data. OpenTBS is a plug-in for the TinyButStrong template engine. I can then open compressed documents in the format of OpenOffice or Microsoft Office and replace placeholders in the template by data which can be PHP variables, SQL queries, or other. The resulting documents are ...
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    xDIF can be used to convert data to the DIF file format used to share spreadsheets between applications such as Star Office, Microsoft Office, etc.. The class xDIF can convert data from arrays or database query result into the DIF format. It supports converting results of queries to the databases MySQL, Interbase, Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL.
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    Lib_word can set a COM object to open a Microsoft Word document file with a given path. Other document manipulation actions like setting the file saving format, changing the values of document fields, save the document with a given file name, etc.. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    MS Word And Excel is the content-type headers of the HTML output can identify it as Microsoft Word or Excel files. Requirements: PHP 1.0 or higher
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    The document margin can be set and tables can be added to the documents. Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    Word2000Html extracts the title, style and body sections of the document, which can then be manipulated in any way.
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    MsDoc Generator allows it to function under Linux or other non-Windows operating systems.MsDoc Generator can prove useful for generating and serving documents that may be edited by end users using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.MsDoc Generator generates XHTML documents with special tags and attributes that Microsoft Word treats like any variant of the .doc format.
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    PHP MS Word creates a COM object to communicate with an instance of Microsoft Word running on the same machine. Several operations are then executed in order to manipulate Word documents.Key Features of PHP MS Word:- Create a new document- Open a document from an existing file- Insert text in the current cursor position or at a given bookmark position- ...
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    PHP DocWriter is a set of PHP classes that generates simple StarOffice/OpenOffice.org Writer documents. It builds the document following the file format specification so you don't need to have OpenOffice.org installed, though if installed this class can generate other document formats like MS Word, PDF, RTF, StarWriter, LaTeX, XHTML, HTML, etc. Currently supports pages, paragraphs, text styles, images, tables, text ...
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