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  1. SQL Solution
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    SQL Solution is a set of PHP scripts for interacting with various database systems. It provides a powerful, user friendly, platform independent API (Application Programming Interface) for MySQL (via PHP's mysql and mysqli extensions), PostgreSQL, SQLite (via PHP's sqlite and sqlite3 extensions) and ODBC database management systems. Different versions for PHP 4 and 5 exist. Features of SQL Solution:- Automatically ...
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    This class can be used to connect and query Microsoft Access databases from PHP. It takes the path of a Microsoft Access database file and computes suitable a DSN string to establish a connection to the database using ODBC extension on Windows.It can also execute a given SQL query on a connected database and return the whole result set inside ...
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    The PHP SQL Toolkit is a PHP class system for abstracting database calls. Using classes or functions, it abstracts the underlying database structure into data sources in a manner similar to ODBC. Data sources are defined in one file and a standardized syntax is used for connecting to all databases. sqltoolkit is useful for portable code or for referencing multiple ...
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    Gendata ODBC Text connects to database server and executes a given SQL query. It retrieves the query results and displays them in the current page in the CSV format.Records selected from a table, using an ODBC connection, are sent directly to a browser as a CSV file.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    httpAuth can take the user name and password of a given user and verifies whether the user exists and the password is correct.Several methods can be used to verify the user authentication: CSV file, MySQL database, ODBC database, LDAP server and text file.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    RHC is actually a few files which give the user the ability to do custom error handling, debugging, and handle database abstraction (currently works through INFORMIX and ODBC).
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    The ODBC API is used to connect to a specified Progress database.Tables Properties Progress ODBC can retrieve the list of tables in a database, as well its indexes and keys, fields and stored procedures.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Informix, MiniSQL, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and all other databases accessible via ODBC are currently supported.database.class.php also provides functions to return the total number of columns and the column names of a query result set.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Place an odbc-related checkbox.
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    Progress ODBC ABM can generate a Web based user interface to insert, select, update and delete rows of a given table. The table records in a Progress database can be listed within an HTML table.Progress ODBC ABM can also generate links and forms to insert new records and update or delete existing records.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higherLimitations: The code and ...
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    ODBC Conn is a wrapper to access databases using the ODBC API.Functions of ODBC Conn:- Establish connections- Prepare and execute SQL queries and retrieve the results into arrays- Manage transactions- Insert or update table rows using an array of field values- Delete table rows that match a given condition- Drop tables
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    A textbox with odbc-database support.
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    OdbcSearch is an ODBC-Database search-engine for searching an ODBC interfaced database.
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    Recordset is a recordset Class like ADO Recordset (plus DataBase Splitting feature) using ODBC functions.
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    Database conversion is meant to process SQL code with syntax that is specific to certain databases and convert it to SQL code that is database neutral.The goal of Database conversion is to help avoiding the use of SQL code that is not compatible with all the supported databases.Currently Database conversion supports converting SQL code specific to Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL ...
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