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    Cookie Objects Class was designed to store and retrieve objects made of composite data items of a custom type in cookies. The information is stored like a bidimensional array of n objects of m items. This classe can be used in applications based on shopping carts.Cookie Objects Class provides means to:- Add new objects- Add new items to each object- ...
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    Access Data Object is meant to provide an API that abstracts the access to SQL based databases.It is intended to let applications work with different types of databases only with minimal changes in the application code, just changing the name of the class that corresponds to the type of database that you want to access.Access Data Object provides several classes ...
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    Easy class takes XML data and makes it into objects named as the tags in the XML data, with the cdata for values. Can also be used for statistics on the XML file.
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    objectStatus is a PHP class for observing and logging objects. It collects messages and can print them to the screen, write into a log file, or send them via email to any number of recipients. objectStatus can be used for development purposes or for monitoring running applications. Please have a look at the xMySQL class (also in this repository) to ...
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    phpDbObject isa class to map an object to adatabase, written in PHP. It allows object relational mapping (ORM).
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