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    Autoloader can be used to automatically load classes from given directories when the objects of the classes are created. It scans given directories for class files that have one several possible file name extensions.When an object of a class is created and the respective class file is not loaded, Autoloader can include the right class file from the previously scanned ...
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    mysql2object can be used to manipulate MySQL databases without using SQL directly. There are class to manipulate databases, tables, fields and data in table rows.The classes to retrieve data from tables can compose queries defining conditions, join clauses, results sorting and union. The results may return individual column values or the values of all column.
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    Extended Array Object can be used to create and manipulate arrays as objects in a similar way to Ruby and prototype framework. It can create array objects from an existing array value or from a list of array member values.Extended Array Object provides functions to:- Traverse all array members using a callback function- Determine the different between two arrays- Get ...
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    Object Extensions for PHP can be used to extend already instantiated objects with new functions and variables. It can also be used to define and call callback functions at run-time.
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    Double-Linked List class can be used to manage circular double-linked lists of objects. There is one list class and a base node class.The list class provides functions for adding nodes, iterating over the node list in the forward or backwards directions, remove one or all nodes.
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    table_class the base class that you would extend to create a php object for any mysql table. All the Fields of the table become variables accessed through the $myObj->properties[] arrayExample:$myObj->properties[client_name] == "Matthew A. Malenski"NOTE: use a field labled "id" as the key
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    Code Generator can be used to generate classes that can be used access MySQL database table rows as objects. It retrieves the list of fields of a given MySQL database table and generates a class with private variables with the names based on the database table fields.Code Generator also sets getter and setter functions for each of the variables. All ...
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    QTag can build a nested structure of tag objects that define the contained tags, data and tag attributes.The tag object structure can be traversed recursively in order to generate all the tags and the contained data and tags structure.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    simpleObjectDB class is a very simple implementation of task of storing and restoring objects.
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    FloatObjects is one class to create floats objects in php/html body.
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    MySQL Table Wrapper can be used to access the rows of a MySQL database table as objects. It provides functions to insert, search, retrieve, update and delete table rows.MySQL Table Wrapper can retrieve the names of the columns the specified table to associate class variables to table columns with the same names.
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    mysqlRecordSet creates a MySQL connection and records set objects with support for error reporting.
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    When you work with objects and classes, just a few lines in every class you use can help you to see information about the class and the current state of an object includes variables values.Requirements:- PHP3 - PHP4
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    Db Object will allow you to work with database using classes of objects to store and retrieve the information stored in table rows.It provides separate classes for storing and retrieving data for the objects, defining the criteria and performing searches for objects and database specific drivers.Currently Db Object supports only MySQL, but can be easily extended for use with other ...
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    ObjectCache2 stores objects in different types of cache. It stores objects in operative memory, dba, dbm, shared memory.
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